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My weekend report

Published 02/11/2013 by MoonieZ

My weekend started on Friday. I don’t remember much of it except the chatroom  I was in and the snow I had to shovel. The first was fun and the second was a boring chore that brought me an aching back and a lot of fresh air.  Oh, and I also travelled to the city and bought some clothes.


I slept kind of late on Saturday morning. Probably didn’t get up before 10 am. Read the morning paper, had breakfast. Then went out to shovel more snow. Also had some other chores but didn’t have the energy to really get much of it done.  Instead I had too much to eat and watched a lot of episodes of Sons of Anarchy on Netflix. During this, I also tweeted and checked  my Tumblr dashboard. Went out to shovel more snow later too if I’m not mistaken. Did I also stop by a chatroom on Saturday night? I can’t remember so I hope I’m not offending anyone. I was really sleepy once  I managed to get to bed.

Woke up late on Sunday morning. Had a nice dream probably but don’t remember much of it. Again, I had breakfast read the morning paper and then went out to shovel some snow. Starting to sound like a boring weekend by now.  I guess it was kind of ordinary.

Spent the afternoon watching the rest of the episodes of season one of Sons of Anarchy. Later, around dinner time, my oldest brother visited for a while.

In the evening, I had a long shower and washed my hair. Afterwards, I felt very refreshed. Continued to watch Netflix while also reading Twitter, tweeting and looking at Tumblr.

Went to sleep rather late and woke up around 5 am because I had to go pee. Then fell asleep again and woke up too late. Since the weather wasn’t too good, I decided to “work” at home and sent a message to the office about this before going out to shovel some snow and then going out to do some grocery shopping, pay some bills and other stuff.

The end.

Back to the usual routine

Published 01/07/2013 by MoonieZ


I’m back at the usual routine. No more holidays, only ordinary days.

The past weekend I spent at parties, or at least at one party.

My uncle turned 75 years old so there was a surprise party on Saturday evening. Then there was a dinner on Sunday for family and relatives. A lot fun at both. A lot of good food and drink too. Also a good time to catch up with some cousins and other relatives I don’t see very often.

On Sunday evening I was very tired when I returned home but I spent the rest of the evening relaxing while watching some old movies on Netflix: The Silence of the Lambs and The Terminator. Even though I have watched them many times before I always like to watch them again.

Today I woke up too early, went back to sleep, then woke up again just in time to get ready and then go to the bus stop.

At the office I had some nice conversations with one of my colleagues and also did some reading and writing. It was a nice start of the week, although a bit slow. There will be a lot of new things happening during the coming weeks there though so I’m looking forward to an interesting start of the year.

I’m happy there’s no more snow on the way yet. The weather is rather nice lately – only a few degrees below zero and not always cloudy. Not bad for this time of year.

Since many previous posts have been somewhat negative, I have done my best to make this a positive one in order to prove that I  am in fact able to focus on good things.


Late in the evening

Published 10/22/2012 by MoonieZ

Been eating too much. I always do when I’m not feeling too happy about life or about myself.

Today has been such a depressing day. The weather was not too bad. Cloudy. Not the reason for feeling unhappy. In my previous update I made an effort to explain the whole issue but I probably didn’t make much sense.  Anyway, I’m not about to try making sense now. I said what was on my mind at the time.

Looking back on my weekend, it was ok. Friday was good. I had a nice time seeing a friend in a chatroom. Friday night was the night before her birthday, so it was a special occasion. Even though I almost missed the whole thing due to being asleep and not hearing my alarm. Somehow I did eventually manage to wake up and get to my computer. So Friday night and early Saturday was good. I slept a long time after all of that.

The rest of my Saturday was also rather good. I had a  visit by my nephew and his baby daughter. Spent the afternoon with them and with my mother.

In the evening I watched tv and listened to music. Probably spent some time reading tweets and looking at my Tumblr dashboard too. Went to sleep late, kind of slightly worried, then slept a really long time and woke up not really wanting to get up.  Weather was gloomy. A lot of rain. Didn’t go out for the whole day. Spent my time reading, watching movies, tweeting and listening to music.

Thought about writing something for the blog but didn’t like what I wrote. Then had a shower and washed my hair before going to sleep rather late. Had trouble falling asleep as I had too many thoughts running around in my mind.

Woke up this morning feeling not so great. Which brings me back to what I wrote earlier today so now I’m going to leave that subject behind. There’s nothing I can do to change anything anyway. What has been, has been. It’s history. I’m moving on.

Surely I understand that feeling depressed about this thing is making it into too big an issue. It all boils down to me and my reaction to things that don’t happen the way I expect them to. That’s all there is. I know I am probably better off not reacting the way I do but it’s too late, I have already reacted. I feel the way I do and I will feel that way until I stop feeling that way and start feeling something else.

Some new people started at the office today, but mostly it was business as usual over there. I spent my time reading and writing some stuff I had planned and then I went back home at the usual time.

At home after a long ride on crowded buses, I had a pizza which I heated in the oven. Then I should have stopped eating but I had some potato snacks and dip during the evening. I also drank a lot of iced tea.

Now, about a quarter to midnight, I will finish this little rant and go to sleep. I hope I will sleep better tonight. For some reason I just feel like leaving my depressed feeling behind. And all thoughts too. I hope I will.

When I return with the next update, I hope it will be something happy or at least different.


Monday musing

Published 09/24/2012 by MoonieZ

Back from the darkness of my latest nightmare. Not that bad, but each post requires a new opening, or not?

The weekend came and went and I came a few times. I have this toy I use sometimes when I don’t feel like it’s too much work. Yet after using it, I was once more reminded why I mostly can’t be bothered. However it was a nice feeling while it lasted.

What else? Let’s see. I watched some movies, TV-series episodes and listened to some music. Slept a lot. Had too much candy to eat. Only because I found some cheap Jelly babies at the local supermarket and could not stop myself from buying a lot of them.

I will have to avoid that place for a while or I will not be able to control myself.

What else. Well I visited my oldest nephew on his birthday, yesterday. Mostly everyone focused on his daughter because she is still not even a year old and of course completely adorable.

The cake was really good. Other than that it was a birthday like most other birthdays. I talked to my nephew about my blog project for a bit. A nice afternoon.

I helped my mother with her medication after the eye surgery. She is very happy to be able to see clearly again.

What else. I talked to some friends on Twitter a little.

Also looked at Tumblr and reblogged some stuff.


Finding Friday frequently

Published 09/07/2012 by MoonieZ

Oh yes, I dreamed up that headline all by myself. I did. Honestly. So help me…

Anyway, life’s too short to dwell on such matters.

My week has gone by rather fast. What I’ve done exactly, I can’t really remember, but I know I’ve been typing a lot. Have had a lot of writing to do. Not the kind of writing I enjoy the most but writing I have to do, or else I’m in trouble.

Since I always want to avoid all kinds of trouble I do the boring work and pretend I’m not finding it very boring at all.

Also I worked on an idea for a long time and had a very hard time putting it into words. Not overly happy with the result I did submit it anyway because I couldn’t find any better way to express it or anything else.

For some reason some things don’t come easy to me. I always think I can write down anything that comes to mind, but sometimes I just can’t get the words right no matter how much I try, or think about it. Just won’t happen.

I also think I have a fair amount of imagination. However, in certain areas, my imagination is not that great. I can’t really imagine some things in such a way that it can be explained in words. I would probably have to write a novel or make a movie or some kind of artwork in order to get it out of my brain. Or not.

Anyway, I guess I should stick to what I can do. Whatever that is.

Managed to clean up most of the clutter in my home office. Remains to be seen for how long before the mess is back in force.

Next week is my birthday, among other exciting events. No, I will not tell you how old I’ll be because you can figure it out anyway.

I will not have any big party, as I’m a poor guy and never have had a lot friends. As usual I expect family and some relatives to show up, but nothing special.

Some food, some drinks and a good time.

This weekend I don’t have any big plans. Some chores to do probably and the rest of the time I hope to rest, relax and enjoy a few  days off from the office.

When I started writing this post, I had some idea I’d turn it into some kind of funny text but I can see I failed at that. Probably because I have been listening to November Rain by Guns N’ Roses while typing.

So, this is the end.

This is it

Published 08/28/2012 by MoonieZ

Yes it’s that time again.

What time? Time to update this blog thingy.

So, the news today: I jerked off before getting ready to go. It was a somewhere around average jerk off session ending in a decently satisfying orgasm and ejaculation. Nothing to write home about though. I only had ten minutes to waste on it so it had to be rather quick. However, most of the time I don’t even have ten minutes to spare so maybe I should upgrade this one to slightly better than average.

TMI. Sorry. But this is a part of how I started my day and I do believe you all want me to be honest and not make up a story just to please you? Or do you? Or don’t you? Now I’m confused enough, so let’s continue and see where this rambling will lead us…or me.

Been leaving a rather average weekend behind me, filled with mostly rain, chores and resting. Only good thing done was that I got around to mowing the lawn. Perhaps for the last time this summer, maybe for the year.

The end of the summer is here. This morning I woke up to a glorious temperature of 8 degrees Celsius. A cold clear morning. The air felt fresh but still I felt a bit sad that summer is ending even before the end of August.

Yesterday it was official that the cat I had tried to help last week  had passed away. I knew this cat only from the internet but still I felt sad because I was thinking of how sad it must be for the cat’s owner. I was also reminded of  how sad I was when my pet rabbit passed away, even though that happened many years ago.

On the “work” front there’s not much to report. Keep sending applications out and keep trying to work on the blog project. Some days I do  a lot of writing and editing and on other days I read a lot of stuff to find ideas for things to write. Some days I do nothing. Some days I feel like giving up. Everything. Yet, somehow, I keep going.

With that, I turn to other news.

What news?

My brother will be visiting this coming weekend. Will be nice to see him as it has been a long time.

Summer in the city

Published 07/09/2012 by MoonieZ

Looking out the office window at the lake below. Watching the beach being full of people ready to go swimming or just enjoy the sun. So close and yet so far away.

On a day like today, having to stay inside is not much fun. Trying to get any work done is almost impossible. Not only because of the weather or the view but also because it is Monday and nothing really ever gets done on a Monday. At least not here. At least not right now.

Maybe after lunch.

Weekend? Yes it was ok. I didn’t do much, only relaxed and watched some TV.  Spent a lot of time on the back porch. Played a game online for a while but then started to wonder why I had spent so much time on in when I really didn’t like it that much. Guess I had nothing better to do.

Weather was mostly cloudy this weekend but there wasn’t much rain. Other parts of Sweden got so much rain that they call it a natural disaster. Lots of flooded roads, streams and buildings in that area. I’m glad it didn’t happen where I live.

After having had two minor floodings in my home, I know how much work it takes to restore everything. Not to mention how much it costs. The worst part is the human suffering though. Flooding causes a lot of stress and grief when homes are ruined or damaged.

I’m still thinking about that update about food I’m going to write for this blog. Just haven’t got it the way I want it yet. Will let it be for a while then get back at it.

This weekend cooking was kept to a minimum. One day was vegetable soup for lunch and a homemade hamburger from the grill for dinner. The other day dinner was grilled sausage, potato salad and some coleslaw.

The first strawberries from the garden were ready, and of course they tasted divine.

What else? I can’t think of anything more to report.

Cold weekend

Published 06/03/2012 by MoonieZ

The weather made this a cold weekend but I can’t say it wasn’t a fun one anyway.

Seeing friends in chat rooms and enjoying some fun and interesting conversations made this weekend great. Not that I’m entirely happy with my own contribution to the fun but I guess I’m not always at the top of my game so to speak.  Been feeling kind of nervous again which I haven’t for a long time before but it seems to be something that comes and goes and I never know why. Just try to deal with it.

Also had some fun on Twitter.

One other good thing is that I have had a lot less problems with pain the past week. I really think I will be able to cure this on my own. Wouldn’t be a day too soon if the pain goes away. However if it doesn’t, I will have to go see a doctor about it. Been too long.

What else this weekend? Not a lot. Listening to music, watching TV, eating, drinking, sleeping. Not much else.  Kind of normal weekend. Had some chores that got neglected due to the bad weather but nothing that can’t be done later.

I did plan to write some more for this blog but I’ve found it hard to think of anything lately. At least anything new. There would have been  no problem to write once more about certain thoughts, feelings and people but I think I’ve done enough of that for the time being. Lately, this blog has lacked some really funny and good posts about other matters but I can’t seem to get anything written. At least nothing I want to share with you, my readers.

Next week starts in less than two hours. I can’t promise anything but I hope to be able to do some updates during the week. Time will tell.

Last but not least I wish everyone a Happy Sunday and a good start of the new week!

Among the living

Published 02/13/2012 by MoonieZ


This be me, your blogger.  Me is back to haunt your eyes with random typed text and in worst case struggle your mind to dwell on the meaning of said scribble.

Weekend it was recently. Noticed I did. Fast it passed. Do what, I did? Froze my unused balls off along with my heavy ass. So, now I broke the mold – that kind of language uncalled for. Me should be ashamed of me, but me is not.

Why me froze? Car broke down.

Had to spend many hours outdoors in cold weather. Try to jump start the car. No luck. Try to tow it. Only a short distance. In the end nothing else to do but have tow truck come and pick the car up and take it to a garage. Most of my Saturday spent waiting for said tow truck to arrive at location of car. Very cold for poor old me. Glad when it was over and done.

Sunday spent recovering.

Now it’s Monday. Your blogger is trying to be productive. Not much of such though.


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