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Best Monday ever!

Published 08/06/2012 by MoonieZ

No. I’m so sorry. I’m just kidding. This Monday is not the best ever. In fact, I don’t know any Monday that would qualify as the best ever. My Mondays have been average, sometimes ok but not above that. Today, the first Monday of August, is no exception to the rule.

I have to admit I’m feeling pretty good right now though. I have a tall glass of ice tea close by and I’m sitting in a rather cool office. When I say cool, I mean the air in the room and not the location. Getting ready to start being productive.

The weather today is cloudy but still warm, about 20 degrees Celsius. It will probably rain later but I hope it won’t be too heavy.

My weekend was ok and I will not write more about it as I have posted both on Saturday and Sunday already. Those interested need only scroll down a bit to read those posts.

However, I’m not really too pleased with the post I wrote yesterday. It wasn’t one of my better ones. So, today I promise not to mention the word “wanking” anywhere in my text. Ok, it seems I already did. Sorry.

No wanking for me today. At least not until the evening.

I can see where this is going. 

No, you can’t. That was just a small mistake.


Anyway, last night I watched the movie Madagascar – it was funny and I had some good laughs. The penguins were really cool.

I also watched another episode of Louie but didn’t find it too funny this time. Robin Williams made a fine guest appearance though.

After watching a thrilling late night beach volleyball game from the Olympics, I went to sleep and slept until almost 6am. Then woke up for a  bit before falling asleep again and woke up at 7:15 am.

Got up, got dressed, brushed teeth, washed face and headed for the bus stop. Bus was on time, train was on time and almost no crowds.  I arrived to the office, set my stuff up, went to get a glass and some cold water for my ice tea (peach & mango flavour). Put a tea bag in the water and waited for the tea to brew while starting up the computer and later checking the news and my twitter timeline.

Decided to write this blog update and started writing it.

Now I’m done.

“Prometheus (2012)”

Published 06/07/2012 by MoonieZ

WARNING This little post may contain spoilers for those who haven’t seen the movie yet.  You have been warned. Continue reading at your own risk.

So I managed to go see Prometheus the other day. This movie has been hyped all the way to Mars and back already but I – your favorite blogger – am going to hype it a bit more by saying that it is one of the very best summer blockbusters I’ve ever seen.

Granted it’s not a big fast-paced action movie but it’s still a very rewarding ride for anyone familiar with the Alien movies universe.

To really appreciate Prometheus you must have seen at least the original Alien movie which was also directed by Ridley Scott.

I am totally impressed by the way Prometheus ties in to the Alien universe and works as a sort of prequel even if the story of Prometheus also stands on its own.

Such an intelligent movie this is,  that tells its story somewhat slow to begin with but still holds the spectator captive through the use of very beautiful sets, effects and camera work.

The cast is a very clever blend of well-known and lesser known actors and they form  a nice ensemble.  At the center of attention stands the character Elizabeth Shaw portrayed by Swedish actress Noomi Rapace. She manages to make her character her own despite the fact that many will compare her with the character Ripley that Sigourney Weaver played in the original Alien movie. To do so, would be unfair to Rapace though. The characters are not very similar, even though some of the scenes involving Shaw will remind you of Ripley.

Another performance worth mentioning is Michael Fassbender ‘s portrayal of the somewhat vain android David. A splendid companion to the android characters of the Alien movies and yet different from those.

The final verdict: the story is interesting and intelligent, the sets, effects and camera work are impressive, some of the characters really grab your attention and the acting is good throughout.

The ending fits in to the logic of the story and points towards the Alien movies.

How to be a friend

Published 12/29/2011 by MoonieZ

I’ve been terrible friend at times. Probably most of the time, because I’ve rarely had any real friends. There, I admitted it. An ugly truth but it needed to be told. I’m not a good friend person. I have tried to learn how to be a good friend but to be honest I am sure I still have a lot to learn in that department.

Anyway, I have had some friends. Still have some people I count as friends in my life.

Today I got an email from one friend, a person who used to be a very good and close friend, for the first time in six months. It made me very happy to read that email. Very happy to know my old friend is still alive and at least living.

The coincidence being I saw that email right after having watched the movie The Social Network about the creation of  Facebook. Since that movie is somewhat about friendship, it got me thinking, especially after reading the email, about my own way of being a friend and how I treat those I call my friends. Not always a  pretty picture.

I’ve not always been there when I should have, I’ve avoided confrontation, I’ve not always been honest about why I haven’t been around and other things like that. I’ve been a coward, I’ve  been selfish. But I’m working on being a better friend.

Because I really want to be a better friend. To all my friends. Because my friends mean a lot to me. More than they know.

Sunday sitrep

Published 11/27/2011 by MoonieZ

Weather has been bad all day. Rainy and windy. But the real storms are passing to the north and to the south of my location so not getting too much of them here.  Still not the kind of weather I care to go out in. Still I had to go out early this morning to mail a letter. It was not too bad to drive by the mail box but for the rest of the day I stayed indoors.

I found The Hurt Locker  on dvd at a bargain price at the local superstore and bought it along with some groceries. Then spent the day watching the movie. It was good but not as great as I expected. Still good to have seen it since I’ve seen all other movies directed by Kathryn Bigelow.

My brother stopped by for some coffee in the afternoon.

I had some leftover chicken and potatoes for dinner. Then I had a shower to wash my hair. I really ought to get a haircut soon. After the shower I started watching more episodes from season 4 of NYPD Blue.

As soon as my hair is dry enough I will probably go to sleep as I have to get up early tomorrow to go to the office.


Published 11/08/2011 by MoonieZ

Right. Watched JFKThe Director’s Cut  on Monday evening to pass the time. I actually watched all of it. All three hours of Kevin Costner trying to solve the murder of JFK.  I don’t know how long it’s been since last time I watched this movie but I still couldn’t stop before the end. There’s something addictive about Oliver Stone‘s movies about the 1960’s. I’m not sure if I can explain why though. Probably has to do with me being interested in history and the fact that I was born during the 1960’s.

That certain girl

Published 10/25/2011 by MoonieZ

I know how it started. I remember who that certain girl was. The years have passed but the memories remain. It was probably at school. I’m certain it was at school. As a young child growing up I had very few friends. I remember playing with some of the other kids living along the same street but I can only remember one real friend from those years.  A boy of the same age. We remained friends up to around 12 years old. Then he began to not want to hang out with me because he wanted to be with the older kids and I was still very much a child. Didn’t care for the same things so the friendship faded out.

Anyway, this post is not about that. This post is about that certain girl. In the first years of school she was a blonde girl in my class. I had a crush for a while. At that age it was not easy to identify what the feeling was but I remember I really liked her. For a while. I never really knew her but I liked her. A few years passed and that certain girl became a brunette. Probably because I had seen Star Wars and developed a crush on Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) so that certain girl at school had to look somewhat like Princess Leia – or at least be a brunette. There happened to be one certain girl in my class who was a brunette and actually looked a little like Princess Leia.  I never got to know her though – not more than as a friend in class. Probably just as well. She never knew about how I felt anyway. I didn’t really mind at that age. I prefered to keep my feelings to myself as I was a bullied boy. And shy, and insecure and scared of my own shadow. Well not really. With the exception of school being a pain due to the bullying, I was feeling safe and secure and enjoyed creating my own world in my mind.

Another couple of years passed and that certain girl was a blonde. Not one in my class but in  another one, at the bigger school I had recently started at. That certain girl was very pretty and I guess I really fell for her. Except she never knew about it. Not that I didn’t try to let her know in my own very twisted way. I was thirteen but not at all sure about what I was feeling actually was. So I remember writing some kind of letter. If I ever sent it is a matter of debate. I might have but I can no longer remember. Anyway that certain girl never knew about my feelings, of that I’m sure. And I didn’t really mind. Everything was still very innocent. At least in my world.

Another year or year and a half passed and that certain girl was a brunette. I guess the reader can now sense a certain pattern emerging. I certainly do sense a pattern. This certain girl was in my class and I actually talked to her before having a crush and even during the crush and also after. What was talked about was actually nothing special, mostly about school and studying but still it was talking to a certain girl, and you have to start somewhere.

Then I left for high school and got into a new class. That certain girl was now a…brunette again. Sorry, so much for a pattern. Anyway, I remember talking to that certain girl a bit now and then but she never really knew me and she never knew how I felt about her.  Maybe half a year later that certain girl was a blonde. This time it all started because she approached me. I was minding my own business and didn’t really care much about her before she suddenly talked to me a lot. I didn’t even know how to respond for some time but gradually I probably fell in love with her. I do remember being madly in love and wanting to do something about but not knowing what or how. I wrote a letter asking to be friends. Yes, I was a coward then too. So it became a kind of awkward friendship that lasted a few years beyond school but it kind of ended when I told her of my true feelings and got rejected by the words “I’ve never seen you as anything but a friend”. I was devastated, dead. It took many years to recover from that day.

So many years that I was around 24 before I ever let myself feel anything towards a certain girl again and this time that certain girl was a brunette. She worked at the same store as I did and she was a few years older and I think she flirted with me but I was too shy and scared to respond but inside I of course fell fo her instantly. Never dared to even try to find out what could have been as I was too afraid of rejection.

A year or two later that certain girl was a blonde. Again she worked at the same store as I did and this time around I did my best to be mature about the matter. Whatever mature means…I’m still not sure I’ve figured that one out. Anyway I remained calm and let things run its own pace. Which means that nothing ever happened. I think it was just as well.

Shortly after this I started at the University and after about 6 months that certain girl was a blonde again. I remember she smiled at me once and that was about all it took. Well I admit I just let my imagination run away with me this time. I think I even tried to let her know about my feelings but as usual I wasn’t too good at being straight forward about the whole affair so it ended in nothing.

Then the years passed and I devoted my time to studying. Around the last year of study I encountered a certain girl online and I found myself having those loving feelings again. Much to my surprise. Anyway the whole thing developed into some kind of friendship for a year or two but nothing was really serious, I guess. Looking back I can only feel like a fool when I think of how I felt and acted but it was a learning experience.

Almost right away after this that certain girl was once again a blonde (however not a real blonde, I learned after a while) and this time I was not looking for love but instead some kind of love happened over time. It took a few years of close friendship but then there was a time of real love, real feelings and I almost acted upon it but was too scared to really do anything. I had health problems during most of this time so I blamed that for never meeting that certain girl in real life. The feelings of love faded and the friendship remained but started to fade too as time passed and things happened in our lives. However this certain girl remains the best friend I’ve had so far. I am very happy for everything this experience taught me about myself and about others.

What about now? Is there another certain girl? What do you think?


Monday is back

Published 10/24/2011 by MoonieZ

Yes. Another Monday has got me in its sights. Won’t back down until it’s all done. And said. Perhaps. Who knows what this Monday will bring? So far its brought me only boredom. Loneliness and some depression. However, I’m not giving up or giving in to those feelings without a fight. My horoscope for today told me I’d be up for a major setback so I’m trying to figure out what it could possibly be. I can imagine a few major setbacks that could still occur, even if my life is already as set back as a life could possibly be. Or so I thought.

Time will tell. The new Tintin movie will open this coming Friday. I can’t wait…Well, actually I can. I’m not so thrilled about the most European of European comic book heroes being turned into a movie star by Steven Spielberg &  Peter Jackson. Not that I don’t think they have made a good movie, I know they have, but still I wonder if Tintin’s adventures will really work on the silver screen.  Also I’m a bit skeptic towards all the hype around this movie.  Eventually I will probably watch it though.

If I can persuade myself to go to a cinema. Last time I went I almost turned back due to the stench of popcorn and other kinds of snacks and candy and soda pop that seemed to attack my nostrils as soon as I entered the lobby of the multiplex at the local shopping mall. The other thing that confused me was that the lines for tickets were the same as the ones for buying snacks, candy and sodas. Took me a while to figure out. The clerk seemed almost confused when I only wanted a ticket. However the theater was nice and the seat was comfy enough. The movie was ok and the 3D was a nice bonus. However my eyes got tired after about half the movie.

Even if movies are better at the cinema I prefer to watch them at home. Not so many distractions.

I’m digressing. This was supposed to be about this Monday but since nothing is happening I have to find something else to write about.  Or not.


May the 4th be with you

Published 05/04/2011 by MoonieZ


Its me again. Your never ending blogger.

Thought it was time I’d type a few words on this gloomy day. Is gloomy here. Cold. Raining. Feels like winter. Somebody said its spring. Haven’t noticed much of it this week. Last week I noticed my allergy started again. So I started taking pills.

Not much to add. Life moves along. Writing project moves along. Being at the office is ok. Not a paradise but good enough.

Gas price is insane. Not many will be able to use a car if this price keeps going up.

A friend posted on her blog. Always good to have some news so the need to worry disappears.

I’m thinking of what do to next when my writing project is done. Also thinking about starting to write some kind of fiction. Some kind of novel.

After rejecting fiction for more than a decade this might be right time to start again. Revive some ideas and maybe some characters and develop some new ones.  The urge to write is always there anyway – even when I don’t write anything the mind keeps telling stories and creating characters. Playing out dialogue, setting up scenes.

Gets a bit irritating at times, other times it’s a great way to pass the time.

Sooner or later something will be done.

Take care and Happy Star Wars Day!

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