Best Monday ever!

Published 08/06/2012 by MoonieZ

No. I’m so sorry. I’m just kidding. This Monday is not the best ever. In fact, I don’t know any Monday that would qualify as the best ever. My Mondays have been average, sometimes ok but not above that. Today, the first Monday of August, is no exception to the rule.

I have to admit I’m feeling pretty good right now though. I have a tall glass of ice tea close by and I’m sitting in a rather cool office. When I say cool, I mean the air in the room and not the location. Getting ready to start being productive.

The weather today is cloudy but still warm, about 20 degrees Celsius. It will probably rain later but I hope it won’t be too heavy.

My weekend was ok and I will not write more about it as I have posted both on Saturday and Sunday already. Those interested need only scroll down a bit to read those posts.

However, I’m not really too pleased with the post I wrote yesterday. It wasn’t one of my better ones. So, today I promise not to mention the word “wanking” anywhere in my text. Ok, it seems I already did. Sorry.

No wanking for me today. At least not until the evening.

I can see where this is going. 

No, you can’t. That was just a small mistake.


Anyway, last night I watched the movie Madagascar – it was funny and I had some good laughs. The penguins were really cool.

I also watched another episode of Louie but didn’t find it too funny this time. Robin Williams made a fine guest appearance though.

After watching a thrilling late night beach volleyball game from the Olympics, I went to sleep and slept until almost 6am. Then woke up for a  bit before falling asleep again and woke up at 7:15 am.

Got up, got dressed, brushed teeth, washed face and headed for the bus stop. Bus was on time, train was on time and almost no crowds.  I arrived to the office, set my stuff up, went to get a glass and some cold water for my ice tea (peach & mango flavour). Put a tea bag in the water and waited for the tea to brew while starting up the computer and later checking the news and my twitter timeline.

Decided to write this blog update and started writing it.

Now I’m done.


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