8 years

Published 05/04/2013 by MoonieZ

Not yet. Soon. Very soon.

Eight years of running this blog. Sometimes I wonder if I have anything more to write about, any topic yet to cover or if I have managed to tell the whole story by now. The story of me, my life, my thoughts and feelings.

The recent months I have thought about closing this blog in order to open a new one. Make a fresh start. I don’t know what a new blog would be about though.

One thing I do know is that I’m pretty much done with the whole webcam & chat thing. More than ten years of my life has been invested in that way of passing time. Somehow I feel like enough is enough. There are a lot of memories I will always carry with me but I’m sure I will not be spending anywhere near the same amount of time in that “world” in the coming years as I have in the past. I feel I have grown out of it. Drifted away. I find myself returning to other ways of communication and expression. There are also new interests I’d like to explore.

Life goes on. Nothing much to report.

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