May the 4th be with you

Published 05/04/2011 by MoonieZ


Its me again. Your never ending blogger.

Thought it was time I’d type a few words on this gloomy day. Is gloomy here. Cold. Raining. Feels like winter. Somebody said its spring. Haven’t noticed much of it this week. Last week I noticed my allergy started again. So I started taking pills.

Not much to add. Life moves along. Writing project moves along. Being at the office is ok. Not a paradise but good enough.

Gas price is insane. Not many will be able to use a car if this price keeps going up.

A friend posted on her blog. Always good to have some news so the need to worry disappears.

I’m thinking of what do to next when my writing project is done. Also thinking about starting to write some kind of fiction. Some kind of novel.

After rejecting fiction for more than a decade this might be right time to start again. Revive some ideas and maybe some characters and develop some new ones.  The urge to write is always there anyway – even when I don’t write anything the mind keeps telling stories and creating characters. Playing out dialogue, setting up scenes.

Gets a bit irritating at times, other times it’s a great way to pass the time.

Sooner or later something will be done.

Take care and Happy Star Wars Day!


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