Maybe May may be

Published 05/14/2015 by MoonieZ


No I’m still alive. Sorry.

Working my way through a depression and some other things that are going to be checked out eventually.

Still on medication but not feeling much of anything from it anymore. The first months were terrible though.

Sweating, headaches, dryness of the mouth, tiredness and total impotence. Those side effects on top of the depression almost made me doubt if medication was the way to go. Then one day the side effects were almost all gone like they had never been there at all.

Suddenly I couldn’t feel any effect at all from the medication, except a strange calm. No more of the anxiety or stress. Well almost none. Still have some trouble sleeping, sometimes have very strange nightmares and also some mild anxiety attacks from time to time.

And the situation behind my depression still remains. Still I’m unemployed and still I feel worthless, useless and without much hope for a better tomorrow.

I’m going to be checked out for a possible autism spectrum disorder but I fear the waiting will be long before that process begins.

My lack of updates of this blog is due to me being tired and in need of rest a lot of the time since starting treatment. Only the last few weeks have I been feeling less exhausted.

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