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Before and after

Published 08/11/2014 by MoonieZ

Before the haircut and after. Which is which?





Published 05/20/2013 by MoonieZ

Is it me you’re looking for? 

No? Ok, I’ll be on my way then.

But, seriously – I’m back. Not sure why. Have no idea what to write but thought I should let the world know I’m still alive. This blog is still alive.

That month again

Published 04/01/2013 by MoonieZ

Been a long time, so I thought it best to write something new for you all to chew on.  As this is the first day of the new month, my timing is as always perfect. Did I hear someone laughing? No? I thought so.

Anyway, the days since my last writing here have been very normal. Ordinary. I’ve been getting up in the morning, got on the buses and trains, arrived at the place of “work” – the office, made some progress at various projects, surfed the interwebs and got back home in time for dinner. Nothing to write to home about.

My evenings have been much the same. Spent watching tv shows, movies and the occasional amateur sex video when not  listening to  music, surfing the web and/or tweeting or tumblr-ing or hanging about in some chatroom.  Here and there the odd act of masturbation has taken place. Not often though, and not in public.

My nights have been spent sleeping and sometimes dreaming. What my dreams have been about I’m not at liberty to discuss with you lot. Why? Well, I can’t remember any of them. That’s why. Unless you think I’m keeping secrets.

The spring is on hold. Days are cold and nights are even colder. Snow melts very slowly due to the cold weather no matter how bright the sun is.

For your information there are no jokes in this update so have no fear of April Fools when reading this.

Easter holiday ends today. This long weekend has been rather dull.  However, I have had some time to rest and recharge my worn-out self somewhat. Now I’m ready for whatever April will throw at me.


Think outside the box

Published 02/11/2013 by MoonieZ

No, I don’t think humans can really think outside the “box”, simply because a “box” is always there to contain our thinking. If  it would be possible to think  outside that “box”, then that would be thinking none of us would understand. From this you can conclude that I’m referring to language as the ultimate “box” that contains and surrounds all our thinking and also enables us to communicate our thoughts not only in our minds but to each other. It’s not my idea of course. It’s simply a way of thinking about thinking that makes sense to me.


Back to the usual routine

Published 01/07/2013 by MoonieZ


I’m back at the usual routine. No more holidays, only ordinary days.

The past weekend I spent at parties, or at least at one party.

My uncle turned 75 years old so there was a surprise party on Saturday evening. Then there was a dinner on Sunday for family and relatives. A lot fun at both. A lot of good food and drink too. Also a good time to catch up with some cousins and other relatives I don’t see very often.

On Sunday evening I was very tired when I returned home but I spent the rest of the evening relaxing while watching some old movies on Netflix: The Silence of the Lambs and The Terminator. Even though I have watched them many times before I always like to watch them again.

Today I woke up too early, went back to sleep, then woke up again just in time to get ready and then go to the bus stop.

At the office I had some nice conversations with one of my colleagues and also did some reading and writing. It was a nice start of the week, although a bit slow. There will be a lot of new things happening during the coming weeks there though so I’m looking forward to an interesting start of the year.

I’m happy there’s no more snow on the way yet. The weather is rather nice lately – only a few degrees below zero and not always cloudy. Not bad for this time of year.

Since many previous posts have been somewhat negative, I have done my best to make this a positive one in order to prove that I  am in fact able to focus on good things.


Nothing to do with anything (just a post)

Published 11/16/2012 by MoonieZ

Hey, Friday! LTNS !

What are you on about? I was here a week ago, remember? 

Oh, yes…so you were. I had kind of forgotten that.

How do you forget me, Friday – the day of all days?! I mean, I  could understand you forgetting Monday…but me? I’m offended. 

I’m sorry. All days are kind of the same to me lately.

What a lame excuse. I’m not even sure it is an excuse. Is it?

Kind of…I guess.

Geeez, you better get your act together. Like yesterday. 



Lots of things to do

Published 11/12/2012 by MoonieZ

Don’t know where to start. Or, I know where to start. I have already started, but I’m not sure of where I will end up with it all. Some writing left to do on a very long update that will be published soon on this very blog. It deals with some issues I’ve had for many years and how I think I may have solved them or perhaps at least made them less of a problem through the help some good people I have had the good fortune to interact with thanks to the internet.

Anyway, all of this will be revealed soon and I do hope it will also make some sense for my readers and not only for me.

My Monday is going along at a steady slow pace. I haven’t done as much work as I thought I would. My morning was partly disrupted by some stomach ache/pain but later on I got better and now I feel good. However, tomorrow at the office I’ll have some catching up to do.

Been watching the latest episode of Dexter and I have to honestly confess I’m still not very thrilled by this season. Sure, there are some interesting things going on but I don’t feel very excited about the storyline so far. Some of the things happening are very predictable and the surprises are few. However, as the middle of the season is reached things usually start to heat up so maybe the second half will still be better. One thing I know already is that this season is far from the best season ever.


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