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Published 09/03/2012 by MoonieZ

In honor of my brother the drummer/chef  and of the band Kal P Dal  and of the lead singer and songwriter Carl-Göran Ljunggren (1949-1985)  , and the fact that a musical about the recording of their first album will open later this year, in Malmoe, Sweden, I post this song. It’s one of my many favorites.

From my brother

Published 12/24/2011 by MoonieZ

I got this book about the life of Kal P Dal – singer, songwriter and band leader as a Christmas present from my brother who played the drums in this band during the late 1970’s.  I’ve only looked through the book briefly but I have already seen some interesting facts I didn’t know about. It seems Kal P Dal once had a at that point still obscure British band – The Police – open a show for them. Also Kal P Dal’s first album pushed an album by ABBA down from the number one spot on the Swedish charts at some point.


A serious post

Published 09/15/2010 by MoonieZ

Hello !

About time I return to write something serious. If it’s about you, it’s always serious. Oh really ? I tend to think the opposite but let’s not get into that old stuff now. For those who have followed this unfocused blog the past 5 years it will come as no surprise that I start a post going in one direction and finish it going in another. That’s just how I am. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Anyway today is the release party for a book about the Swedish rock’n’roll singer Kal P Dal (who passed away in 1985).  I so much wish I could  be there because it will be awesome, but I’m too far away. The remaining members (including my brother) of the original band will be performing and it will be a cool party.

I have been writing about my life a lot on here and after writing about going to school, friends and other stuff I moved on to the first years of my working life.  Sometime soon I aim to finish that story or at least add to it but not today. Lately most of my blog has been posts about my favorite songs, singers and bands. I feel sometimes that it isn’t really interesting to anyone but me so I will try to write more and not only post a lot of YouTube links. However if I find something I like on YouTube I often post it here so that others can see. Even though I have added a link to my YouTube channel I have not made any videos of my own, but I am thinking about trying it out. I doubt it will attract many viewers as it will feature a middle-aged guy sitting in a chair talking and nothing more. But I’m willing to try anyway. Might get a laugh out of it at least. So those are my plans for the future. My most important plans involve getting a new job. I’m still searching and I still hope I will find one. Haven’t had any luck so far but I’m trying to make connections any way I can that might help me along at some point. That, and taking care of my home and my elderly mother is about all that goes on in my life besides having this blog and some internet friends to communicate with.  I’m trying to avoid sounding pathetic but it’s not easy, maybe even impossible.

So, this was my serious post. I hope you didn’t fall asleep while reading it.

Listen to the drums…

Published 04/03/2010 by MoonieZ

[Video blocked by UMG]

Video is no longer available due to copyright issues. Sorry, no fault of mine.

in this song. That’s my brother playing. Just in case anyone would like to know. I’ve got some other songs by Kal P Dal posted around the blog but I think one more can’t hurt. This one is a cover version of Alright Now, with Swedish lyrics. This version was first released 1977 on Kal P Dal’s debut album Till Mossan.


John Lennon & Chuck Berry – “Johnny B Goode”

Published 04/02/2010 by MoonieZ

A  favorite version of Johnny B Goode, performed by Chuck Berry and John Lennon. I’ve always liked Chuck Berry’s songs even before I knew anything about  him. My brother played on some cover versions of Chuck Berry songs while being the drummer in the band behind the Swedish rocker Kal P Dal. John Lennon is kind of an eternal hero of mine. Don’t know exactly why but I’ve always liked the guy, his attitude and the art he produced.


A treasure to behold

Published 07/11/2009 by MoonieZ

This short YouTube-clip is the best video recording I’ve seen (yet) from the time when my brother was in the band Kal P. Dal and toured all over Sweden.  I have of course seen the band play live back then several times (late 1970’s), but not once since then except for this short clip. Probably there is more recorded material available in television archives from the band’s appearances on TV shows and such, but so far nothing has surfaced. This clip is a treasure for that very reason.  Enjoy !

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