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Sunny snow all white in the night (a new year’s poem)

Published 01/08/2006 by MoonieZ

Sunny a day, the night is a mist of the spring at winter.
Sinister the minister found it a splinter crossing tea at supper.

Lesson to be heard is the wonder to be earned unless the sibling comes first.

Finder of the lost is cosmos. Osmosis of the few hardens the weight of the unsure.

Clouds float across the ocean of time stopped at intervals passing into eternity aimlessly.

Heavy is the light of the genius, bright is the darkness of the fool trapped behind a curtain pretending sudden doom.

Never soon but steady in keeping the foot of sail, the skipper turned until nothing was seen.

Taken aback was paradise untold.

Over and out !

4th of July, 1989

Published 06/25/2005 by MoonieZ

This is the first entry in my notebook. Written in 1989.

In a world where Yuppie is religion
Money is King
Rock’n’Roll is Business
It is’nt easy to get down to the heart of the matter,
live on the edge,
be dangerous
Roll over, play dead, feet in the air
Cut your hair, stand in line
trade your HD for a HC,
turn in your leather, put on a suit
Quit burgers, have a salad
Downtown !
Jogging !
Time management
Dylan at the Globe,
dress down,
t-shirt, faded jeans,
buy a beer
Rock’n’Roll !
Go to work, early hours, crowded bus
All ties & suits, white collars as far as you can see
Office, nine to five, squash, dinner, TV, go to bed
Sleep !
Ulcer at 25, heart attack at 40, dead and gone 65
Life runs fast, can’t be last in line
Gotta make some more dollars
Keep dinner warm, home at 8
Goin’ down the highway, see a guy by the side of the road
Hitcher, hooking a thumb
Sign says L A
Crazy !
Guitar, faded jeans, living down a dream
The one you kissed bye bye
once upon not so long ago

Old "poetry"

Published 06/25/2005 by MoonieZ

Ok, I was looking through my old notebooks today – I suddenly had an urge.
To my surprise I found some spur of the moment “poetry” in English that I didn’t remember writing. These things are about 15 years old or so. Written at the end of my 10 year creative period. I don’t think they’re good but at least they’re in English. Saves me translations…
So, here goes nothing.

Life’s unfair to some,
throws fame and fortune in other people’s faces
Leaves some poor bastard down in the gutter forever
denying them everything but death,
to end their misery
Life gave you all the things I love,
but not a chance for me to get them
Still, it’s better to be alive than dead
Someday lady Luck may knock on my door as well
Hope it’ll be soon
Time flies so fast

And another one. Could also be the same one but another part. My notes aren’t easy to read after all these years.

Where do we go,
when Love fails
What’s left but a broken heart
You say you don’t love me,
never will,
wouldn’t in your wildest dreams
Still, it’s nice to know
there’s someone who cares
Without wanting, demanding,pressuring
anything in return
Well, ain’t love grand !
You’re surrounded by admirers
I’m left out in a desert
Guess it will always be like that
But tell me
Where did it go wrong?

Over and out !


Published 06/22/2005 by MoonieZ

I’m tired. The words refuse to come. The thoughts are running away. I guess I should sleep more. Probably should. Can’t. I have too much to do.

Day has been like any day. Busy work. Boring. Long time spent on buses, commuter trains, subways. The whole transportation system seems to close down for the summer but people still need to travel. The journey to work takes almost as much time as the work itself. Insane!

I have posted two longer and and one real short “thing” in the poetry section of the message board. They are my three very first efforts, so I can see the flaws very easily. The first one is the one I like best. It has some humor to it. The third one is based on the first lines and then I had to finish it somehow. It came out rather dark. Was a bit more self-censored than the first one. I have always the problem of being my own worst critic. The middle one isn’t much of anything. It might have been if I had taken the time to do something with it. I wish I could post some story on the board but I am not into writing adult stories of the kind that I see in that section. It is not that I don’t like the genre, I just don’t think I’d be able to contribute to it. Well maybe I’ll post something here and see how it goes.

It rained today. The air feels fresh after a summer rain. The heat turns to warmth. Only problem is the clouds hide the sun and the blue sky.

Over and out !

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