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Published 07/01/2012 by MoonieZ

That’s me. Sometimes. This week, I’ve been more or less weird. I apologize to everyone who has had to put up with my weirdness. I hope you can forgive me? Wasn’t my intention to be this weird, it just sort of happened due to reasons beyond my control. This pain that keeps coming and going, being the main reason.

However, right now, I feel better than I have for most of the week. Only a few times during the week, have I felt this good or better. Those times involved being in a chatroom talking to a friend or being on twitter talking to friends. Without those moments, I don’t know how I would have gotten through the week.

At the office, I did try to get things done but I was unable to focus on the tasks at hand long enough to really get anywhere. I will have to make up for lost time in the coming week. I suspect July will be a quiet month around the office, as it was during last summer.  Will be nice, I prefer when there are not too many people around. I’ve never liked being in large crowds.

Today, I could have been at party at my cousin’s place but, I had to decline due to not having any good shoes to wear. The real reason being, I needed more rest and had my pain to deal with. Still I have to get out more before everyone thinks I’ve become a hermit.

Now, I’m going watch the final game of the European Football Championship 2012: Spain vs Italy and I hope Italy will win.

After the game, I go to sleep and hope I will wake up feeling good tomorrow too.



Still here

Published 10/07/2011 by MoonieZ

Yesterday I thought I would not be here again. Be here as in posting on this blog. I managed to make a mistake and get the blog deactivated. Luckily, got my blog back after sending an email to WordPress. I’m very happy the matter could be sorted out so that I could find my blog back up when I woke up this morning. I’ve learned a lesson and will be even more careful to avoid mistakes in the future.

Anyway tonight I’m looking forward to spending time in a chatroom to see a friend. I won’t get myself into trouble again by mentioning where or why.

The day started sunny and chilly. In the afternoon it got rainy and cold.

Was late to get going due to a visit by the plumber to start working on the water heater problem. With any luck it will be fixed soon.

I worked on a project at the office but didn’t make much progress as my thoughts were elsewhere for the most part.

Got home and had a lot of pain in my stomach but it went away after a while. Got some dinner and then started looking at Twitter and Tumblr to see what I had missed.

Now I’m writing this and listening to some music through Spotify.


Weekend spent

Published 09/18/2011 by MoonieZ

Hey it’s me again! Your friendly morale officer Moonshine Glowsinthedark. I’m here to tell you how I spent my weekend.

Saturday & Sunday.

1. Went to sleep at 4 am or something, Saturday morning. Little hard to remember as I was not awake. 2. Got up again at some point. 3. Checked Twitter, Tumblr & email. 4. Checked the cam site MFC. 5. Listened to music. 6. Didn’t have breakfast but started eating chocolate. 7. Must have watched pictures and/or videos because I seem to remember having masturbated at some point during the day. 8. Started to feel ill or sick in the early afternoon. 9. Went to have a nap while getting dinner ready or after or before, not really sure. 10. Slept a bit after dinner too. Felt better. 11. Got back to reading tweets and listening to music. 12. Was at MFC for a bit looking around. 18. Checked Tumblr and re-blogged a lot of stuff. 19. Fell asleep sitting at computer. 20. Woke up and was awake a  while. 21 Decided to sleep in bed and went to bed. Got up again around midnight and checked the usual stuff.  22. Felt sleepy around 3 am and went back to sleep. 23. Woke up again at 8 am. Got up. 24. Checked Twitter. Checked Tumblr and checked MFC. 25. Listened to music through Spotify and decided to write a blog post. 26. Started writing but stopped after a few sentences to watch a video. 27. Daydreamed a while. 28. Watched video again  while beginning to masturbate. 29. Interrupted by uncle coming to visit. 30. Helped uncle to check the car to prepare for inspection tomorrow morning. 31. Back at computer. Checked Twitter & Tumblr. 32. Decided to write this blog post. 33. Wrote this blog post. 34. Published this blog post. 35. Will masturbate again since I didn’t get to finish before. 36. Later I will try to have a quick shower and wash my hair even though the water is not really warm enough. Must have that fixed very soon. 37. Rest of evening don’t know what I’ll do but probably much of the same as the other evening. 38. Go to sleep at a decent hour.


Holy Friday!

Published 09/16/2011 by MoonieZ

Yes. I’m alive.

Funny thing happened today on the way to… Actually, nothing funny happened. Nothing funny at all.

All I did this morning: 1. Woke up 2. Checked Twitter 3. Got up 4. Checked emails 5. Checked Tumblr 6. Checked blog stats 7. Checked Hayden Hart’s blog (you all should check it) 8. Checked my mail and profile page at MFC 9. Looked at pictures 10. Looked at video 11. Masturbated 12. Washed my face, combed hair, brushed teeth 13. Got dressed 14. Went to the bus stop. 15 Got on the bus 16. Got on the commuter train 17. Got on another commuter train 18. Arrived at the office 19. Switched on computer 20. Started to type

All I did today: 1. Checked Twitter every 10 minutes 2. Checked email every hour 3. Daydreamed of You 4. Typed 5. Listened to music 6. Typed some more 7. Daydreamed of You  again 8. Moved to a new room in the building 9. Went home by bus 10. Grocery shopped 11. Arrived home 12. Had dinner (pizza) 13. Checked Twitter on home pc 14. Tweeted You good morning 15. Sent out my #FF’s in reverse order 16. Went to chat at MFC 17. Started Spotify to listen to music 18. Reblogged stuff on Tumblr 19. Decided to write this 20. Finished writing this

All I will do this evening:



Published 05/25/2011 by MoonieZ

Did I know why I am writing this today? No, not really.

In fact I don’t know why I’m doing anything but I seem to be doing it all the same. Anyway, never mind. Will be back to my old low standards very soon.  Right now though I’m slightly confused. Nothing new about that but it still bothers me.

Lately, I have neglected this blog. This is because twitter and Tumblr keeps taking time away from posting here. Have noticed people still seems to visit this blog but I guess they must be disappointed when they don’t find a lot of new and entertaining posts anymore.

I will do my best to change that as quickly as possible.

While you wait you might want to admire the apple blossoms below this post.


A week of Mondays

Published 03/14/2011 by MoonieZ

Hi, readers!

Been too long in the wasteland. Time for me to give you all something new from my keyboard instead the old stuff I’ve been posting lately. I’ve also been posting a lot of stuff – words and pictures – I’ve found at various places around the web. Although I find that stuff interesting I also feel I should provide you all with some original content on a regular basis.

However, lately there isn’t a lot happening worth writing blog posts about. So I’m limited in what I have to write about unless I type up another statement about my inner workings. There are a lot of those already and they seem to be cloned from the same source most of  the time. I’m thinking it will be of limited interest for anyone to read another one of those. So I am left with some kind of daily updates about what I’m doing. These will be even more boring than any other posts but are all I can offer right now.

My Monday started when I woke up at 6 am. Didn’t get up then. Looked at the time and closed my eyes again. Had a short thought about masturbating but decided against it. Didn’t feel like I had the time enough to do it properly. Better quality than quantity these days. Lazy being the other reason.

Instead I finally got up around 7. Looked out, saw a cloudy sky. Temperature above zero, which was good. Didn’t have to scrape any frost off of the car windows. Made breakfast – one sandwich and a glass of water – and lunch for work – two sandwiches cut in half. Got dressed, brushed teeth, washed face and hands. Got out to the car, started and I was on my way. First stop gas station. Filled up enough to last the week. Cost an arm and a leg. And the shirt off my back had I been wearing one. Instead I got away clean.

Made it to the office in time to be early. Didn’t mind. Went in. Started the computer. Went to work. Well first I checked my email, then my Twitter, then my blog and then a quick peek at MFC and then I went to work on my writing project. Worked without much of a break until lunch. Had one hour off. Listened to music, tweeted and checked my blog and email. Nothing new there. Read some news from Japan. Drank coffee and ate my sandwich.

Afternoon went by quickly. Work wasn’t that efficient the last hour or so but by then I had gotten enough done for the day anyway.  Drove back home with the sun in my eyes most of the time. Almost felt like summer if I didn’t look at the snow by the side of the road.

At home I had a slice of pizza and some soup for dinner. Then I went out to hack away some of the ice off of the driveway. After doing that for a while decided to reward myself with something to eat from the grocery store so I took the car, drove there and got some juice, water (I know ,don’t buy water bottles) ,cheese and cookies.  Went back home, settled down in front of my computer, watched L.A. Story and had some juice and cheese. Later I watched cams at MFC for a while while tweeting a bit and checking my email again.  Decided to finish this blog post and that is exactly what I’ve been doing since then. Now I am done.

Will be going to sleep very soon so I’ll wish everyone a good night and a Happy Tuesday! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.


Guess it’s Monday again

Published 01/24/2011 by MoonieZ


Monday evening. Time is 10:32 pm. Or as we Europeans like to write it: 22:32.  Today was a mild sunny day. Temperature did rise above zero degrees which made it easy to free the car of snow and ice. For once. There’s nothing I dislike more than having to scrape frost from car windows on a freezing cold day.

Today I did some paperwork, made some phone calls related to job search, set an appointment and sent some emails out. If things work out right I will have a place of “work” soon that might actually be good for me to use as a way to work out a better future. Will report more about this when I have a result from this week’s efforts. Looks promising so far at least.

Did have a bit of a bad Sunday night. Was too tired from lack of sleep to really be of any use to anyone including myself. My brain did not wish to cooperate with me so I was  not communicating very well but at least I knew when to quit. At least I hope I did. After sleeping for about 5 hours I woke up this morning ready to get things done and I did manage to do most of it. Did also have time to drive my mother to a meeting and help her with some grocery shopping afterwards.

Had a very simple dinner. Sausage, potatoes, mustard. Nothing fancy but good enough on a Monday.

After dinner and washing some dishes I returned to my computer to continue with some work while also reading some news headlines at an online newspaper. Then I started read the tweets from my Twitter page, and reading back to see what had happened during the day while I was away. Checked MFC to see what was going on and then went to check the visitor stats at my blog. Always nice to find out which post is most visited each day. When done with that I checked in at the online forum to read some of the latest posts.  In the middle of all this I remembered I had some writing to do. Started with that but still not done. For once I would like to not find it so difficult to write an application for a job. Perhaps one day I will learn how to do that.

Soon midnight. This Monday will be done. Tuesday begins. Got a lot to do for Tuesday. Hope it will all get me closer to the better tomorrow I still wish for. If  I don’t give up I guess I will reach it. Or be a major fail.



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