Do you remember Darcy DeMoss ?

Published 07/22/2007 by MoonieZ

In case you have no idea who I am writing about, I will enlighten you. Late last night, which means early this morning to most people, I was watching a favorite movie from many years back: Can’t Buy Me Love.

Everyone knows that this movie stars Patrick Dempsey as the leading man Ronald – a slightly nerdy  highschool student – who decides to become popular by paying the cheerleader captain Cindy (Amanda Peterson) to date him for a month. Being popular then turns his head for  a while until he has learned his lesson.

But while watching this, I started to wonder what became of the girls and guys in the other parts, the small supporting parts, and mostly I was curious to find out more about the actress playing Cindy’s friend Patsy – Darcy DeMoss. Some searching online brought me to and there I found out that Darcy DeMoss have had small parts in a few major movies and slightly bigger parts in what appears to be low-budget and mostly unknown movies. She has also appeared in some episodes of various television shows over the years.

Sometimes it is easy to forget all those hard-working actors who never become the big movie stars, who never have their name printed in huge letters on billboards advertising the latest big budget movie and who are just there to fill all those supporting parts that are needed to enable the big stars to shine in their major parts. Not to mention the major parts in the minor productions. If all the others weren’t there then there’d not be as many movies or television shows made. Too often we tend to forget about that. At least I know that I often forget it.

Over and out !


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