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Published 07/02/2016 by MoonieZ

I lie…

No, I don’t lie, July is here. Hot and humid. Rainy and wet. Lovely Swedish summer. At last. At least.

Not much to report. My endless search for a job continues. My search for a new home also continues. No results yet. No ideas.

So, no reason to dwell on those things. Time will tell.

I find it no easier to live but I get by with  a little help from my friends.

I see what you did there.

No, you don’t.

Yes, I do!

No. You. Don’t.

Fine, be like that. No wonder no one likes you! 

I’m not being like anything. And there are people who like me.

Oh yeah? Name one. 

No, I won’t. And you ought to shut up!

Make me! I dare you! 

Ok, have it your way.

You know that’s a slogan that…. [Silence]

I told you.


Better to not say too much

Published 06/03/2016 by MoonieZ

Sometimes, it serves one better to not say too much.

I learned that lesson again today. The news reached me that things I had counted on would not happen in the time I had been sure of before. I had to regret previous statements and feel pretty bad about it all.

On the other hand, this news was also good, because it confirmed that eventually what I have planned will actually happen. This made me stop worrying about the whole thing. Now I will only feel bad about it not happening the way I had hoped and planned.

Another thing: the weather. Been like the very height of Summer this week: warm and sunny. Almost like July and it’s only early June. There’s cold weather and rain on the way, so tomorrow (Friday) will be the last of the really great weather for a few days at least.

As much as I like the sun and warmth, it has been hard to sleep and not easy to get much work done without feeling exhausted. Still, there are not many days like these in a year so I should not complain too much. Soon the winter darkness and cold will return. Then I will miss these warm bright days.

On the other fronts, not much to report. Still looking for work, still having no luck. Still waiting for various authorities to make decisions and get things started. Still learning to live with knowing I have a disorder. At least I’m now getting some help to sort that out.

Life is starting to get back to some kind of order.


Published 03/20/2013 by MoonieZ

Sorry for the silence. I’ve been busy.

Last night I spent a few hours in a chatroom and enjoyed some nice conversation. Sometimes I’m amazed how things happen to turn out better than expected without any plan, just by random.

Most of my Tuesday I spent helping my mother when she celebrated her birthday. Many family members, relatives and friends gathered. All in all it was a very nice day and evening.

Only downside was the weather. Winter has returned and it’s been snowing a lot last few days. However, whenever the sun breaks through the clouds the snow melts and it feels warmer outside. Spring is delayed but on the way.

Yesterday I had a meeting at the office about new projects. Some ideas might turn into something good. At least worth a try.


Oh no, not again

Published 08/28/2012 by MoonieZ

Sorry. I promise I’ll behave this time. The first post today was kind of rude I guess, but it was all true. It really did happen that way. That’s how my day started. If I offended anyone , I sincerely apologize.

And that is all I had on my mind right now.

Seeing how this will be a very short post I will type some more random words just to make it a bit longer and probably annoy anyone who keeps reading this sentence with some hope of it ending with making some kind of sense. I can tell you right now that it won’t happen. Not on my watch. No way.

With all of that out-of-the-way, I’ll leave you to it and hope you will all tune in tomorrow when there might be something else to read. Just might.

At last but not least I hope that TS Isaac will not make life too difficult for the people in the area in which it will pass by.

Be safe.


Oh, look…Thursday

Published 08/16/2012 by MoonieZ

Hey hi hello!

I’m back. Bet you didn’t see that one coming…

Haven’t got much news to share but my mood is good so I thought why not write something here. Been a few days. People might start to forget this blog soon. When there are no updates.

I always say I will update more often, but I never do. It seems I do it when I feel like it and not when I ought to. Take it or leave it, that’s how I roll.

Most of this week I’ve been writing and doing other important stuff at the office. Right, if only it mattered, but it matters to me that I manage to be productive.  Makes me feel less useless.

I have watched some movies but none that I found good enough to write a lot about here. I will mention that I liked Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps though. As I am a fan of Oliver Stone ever since learning he wrote the script for Scarface and Year of the Dragon among other movies and ever since he wrote and directed Salvador, I keep trying to watch all of his movies even though the new ones have not been among his best efforts (in my opinion).

Have also been trying to get more sleep, which has not always been easy.

When the sun hits my bedroom in the morning it gets too warm to sleep and the light  does not help.  However , this will soon change as the days get shorter and the weather cools off.

Have had a return of my stomach pain this week. Last weekend I had no problems at all so I thought it would continue the same way. I still haven’t seen a doctor about it but I know I ought to.  Just have to overcome my irrational fear of hospitals and waiting in crowded emergency rooms. Done that too often to want to go through with it again.

Seems I’m starting to sound a tad negative, so I better get myself back on the positive side of the fence or simply end this text right here. What will it be?

The end.

Bad luck

Published 07/18/2012 by MoonieZ

Last week ended with some bad luck when my internet connection dropped out for most of the weekend. Yesterday evening it was back up and running at last.

But last night (or early this morning in my part of the world) I missed seeing a friend online which makes me kind of sad. I didn’t think I wouldn’t wake up in time, but I was obviously sleeping better than I thought I was. Didn’t hear my alarm clock or anything.

Anyway, I know it was “just” a chat I missed but I kind of don’t miss out on these things very often for any reason at all so it bothers me that I did this time. Also, it would have been nice to be there due to everything else being kind of bad at the moment.

My mother has more health problems. Both hearing aid  and new glasses will be needed, judging from the latest checkups by doctors.

The job search has not resulted in any interest or interviews from employers. My blog project at the office is moving forward very slowly. I seem to have lost direction and momentum lately.  My financial situation continues to be rather bad but I’ve learned to live with it.

The summer weather is mostly rain but now and then there are sunny days or parts of days.

I miss driving, but the car my uncle lent me can’t be repaired so it looks like I won’t be driving again for a long time. For  a time it looked like the car could be fixed but then the guy who was repairing it found out there are too many damaged parts of the engine to make it worthwhile to repair it since it’s an old car.

So, mostly life is not great.

Only one way to go though: forward.

Summer in the city

Published 07/09/2012 by MoonieZ

Looking out the office window at the lake below. Watching the beach being full of people ready to go swimming or just enjoy the sun. So close and yet so far away.

On a day like today, having to stay inside is not much fun. Trying to get any work done is almost impossible. Not only because of the weather or the view but also because it is Monday and nothing really ever gets done on a Monday. At least not here. At least not right now.

Maybe after lunch.

Weekend? Yes it was ok. I didn’t do much, only relaxed and watched some TV.  Spent a lot of time on the back porch. Played a game online for a while but then started to wonder why I had spent so much time on in when I really didn’t like it that much. Guess I had nothing better to do.

Weather was mostly cloudy this weekend but there wasn’t much rain. Other parts of Sweden got so much rain that they call it a natural disaster. Lots of flooded roads, streams and buildings in that area. I’m glad it didn’t happen where I live.

After having had two minor floodings in my home, I know how much work it takes to restore everything. Not to mention how much it costs. The worst part is the human suffering though. Flooding causes a lot of stress and grief when homes are ruined or damaged.

I’m still thinking about that update about food I’m going to write for this blog. Just haven’t got it the way I want it yet. Will let it be for a while then get back at it.

This weekend cooking was kept to a minimum. One day was vegetable soup for lunch and a homemade hamburger from the grill for dinner. The other day dinner was grilled sausage, potato salad and some coleslaw.

The first strawberries from the garden were ready, and of course they tasted divine.

What else? I can’t think of anything more to report.

Almost Midsummer 2012

Published 06/19/2012 by MoonieZ

Only a few more days, then most Swedes will be celebrating the biggest holiday this country knows: Midsummer. Not even Christmas comes close. Everything shuts down. Well, these days not as much as before but almost everything and many people leave the cities and move out to the countryside to celebrate. There’ll be singing, dancing, eating and last but not least  – drinking.

This year the Midsummer eve will be on Friday, June 22 and Midsummer day will be on Saturday, June 23.  If  the weather is not too bad, most people spend these days and nights outdoors.

As far as I know, the weather in my area will not be too good. Probably cloudy and rainy most of the time. I will be spending my Midsummer indoors.

I have written posts about Midsummer before in this blog, use the search function and you shall find.

Summer is here!

Published 05/24/2012 by MoonieZ

The past weekend and all of this current week the weather has been fantastic here. Warm and sunny. Only a few stray clouds. To not be able to go out and enjoy the nice summer days due to being trapped in an office is not the most fun I’ve had but I can’t say I would rather sit outside unless it is in the shade. I have never liked to be in the sun for too long. Always had a problem of being burned by the sun very easily.

What I like about this time of year is not only the sun and warm weather but the fact that the days are long and the nights are short. It only gets really dark for a few hours. Sadly the days will start getting shorter again in just a few weeks.

Anyway, I enjoy the beautiful Swedish summer no matter how short it is.  The summer is the reward for enduring the long dark winter and it’s not a bad reward. Far from it. On the best days there’s no place I’d rather be than right where I am.

Snowy Saturday, 2012

Published 04/14/2012 by MoonieZ

Yes, I’m back.

This Saturday I woke up around 10:24 am, after having gone to sleep at around 7:00 am. Needless to say I didn’t plan to stay awake all night. It just happened to be that way because a friend was online and I couldn’t pass on a night of fun.

When I looked out my window this morning I wanted to go straight bacck to bed though. The world was all white, covered in snow.  Heavy, wet snow.  Yet I did rise and had my breakfast. Made my way out through the snow to the mailbox to collect the Saturday morning paper. Read it.

Then had some rest for a few hours before having some food in time for the afternoon hockey game broadcast to start on TV. Watched the exciting game and then had some more food before going out to shovel some more snow away from the driveway.

The evening I’m spending listening to music on Spotify. reading tweets, looking at my Tumblr dashboard and writing this update.  Probably it will be another long night of fun also.

If the weather is better tomorrow I hope to be able to get out and do some shopping.

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