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The adventures of Sven the Swedish meatball

Published 11/25/2017 by MoonieZ

Once upon a time in a world known as Plate, there lived a young meatball named Sven. He was the only son of two proud parents – Inga and Ingmar. They all lived together with the other meatballs in a quiet corner of Plate not far from the Gravy river and under the shadow of the magnificent Mount Mash. Further away than any living meatball had travelled was the legendary and mysterious Lingonberry sauce lava field. According to the legend any meatball who dared to enter the lava field would disappear forever and never be heard from again.

Sven was an adventurous young meatball, which caused his parents to worry.

“Why can’t you be more like the other little meatballs that stay in this corner to play?”, his mother Inga often asked.

But Sven, being the adventurous one, replied: “No, I enjoy it more when I can roll around and explore all of Plate, not just our crowded little corner.”

To which his father, Ingmar, would say: “Now, Sven, staying in our densely populated corner of Plate will save you a lot of anxiety and keep you well out of danger, so that you may enjoy a long, safe and secure life.”

“Yes”, said Inga, “Sven, you better listen to your father. If you roll too far away from our corner on your own, you risk to be impaled by the big shiny Fork or cut in two by the mighty Knife coming out of the sky without warning. Then swept away into the gaping black hole of the Giant and be lost forever. You’ll be a lot more  safe here among all the other meatballs.”

Sven, even though fond of his parents as he was, never did like to listen much to what they had to say.  He was sure there was big adventure to be had beyond the brown Gravy river on the other side of the imposing Mount Mash with its pale yellowish hillsides just waiting for a young meatball to roll up on.

So, one fine day, Sven decided it was time to embark on the big adventure. As quietly as he could, to not be seen leaving, he rolled away from the crowd of meatballs into the great wide open of the empty white plains of Plate, setting his course on Mount Mash.

To be continued….

Tuesday in October

Published 10/17/2017 by MoonieZ

Oh well, I’m back.

Thinking I should write something. Sometimes it works. Writing, that is. Thinking – not so much.

Yesterday was Monday. It had its ups and downs but ended on the upside. I worked through something important with a friend and it felt very rewarding for me that it didn’t end in a disaster. I have made so many mistakes that have ended with total failure, so I was almost surprised I managed to think straight enough to avoid that outcome.

The evening was fun and ended up being epic. One of those Mondays that will spawn legends. If there is any justice left in the world.

I got to sleep late but with a big smile on my face.

Hey, this is supposed to be about Tuesday!  Hold your horses, I’m getting there. Slowly.

Well, Tuesday started with me waking up. probably Tuesday started anyway but it sounds a bit more royal to write that the day starts when the king rises from his bed.

And you want to abolish the monarchy? Hypocrite! Do you mind? I’m trying to be creative  here.

Creative?! Bah, humbug!  You know you got a big mouth for being a figment of my imagination?

Well, somebody has to say it since you obviously can’t! Exactly what is it I can’t say?

Lots! Take that girl you like so much, for example, how do you think that will end?!

End? What are you on about? You obviously don’t have a clue. 

About what? See, this is what I’m talking about!  I think you should stop speaking in riddles. If you can’t understand it’s not my fault – you created me.

Yes, I did. And I can also shut you up. You wouldn’t dare! In fact you

So, time to move on.

Where was I? Oh yes, Tuesday.

After rising, I sat down. Then it gets slightly hazy but I seem to have relocated to some kind of armchair. Probably by using some kind of movement.

The next thing I remember is starting to write this piece of what some would call writing.

There you go.

To be continued….. (maybe)

Still not impressed. Nobody asked you.


Published 06/25/2016 by MoonieZ

Midsummer eve, a day of celebration only second to Christmas in Sweden. I’m not going to explain it. If you need to know more, search the internet.

The Boss – Bruce Springsteen – is in Gothenburg with his band for shows. Kind of a midsummer tradition in a way. And the weather is kind of great even if it rained during the night and this morning.

I’m celebrating kind of low-key this year. Not that I mind. I’m used to being by myself. Not good in large groups, takes too much energy away from me to try to handle all the information when I can’t sort it out.

The news this morning of the British having voted to leave the European Union was a shock to me. And I believe a much greater shock for the 48,1% of the British people who voted to stay in the EU.

It took away much of my wish to celebrate Midsummer but I wouldn’t have been celebrating much anyway.

Talked to my brothers on the phone and then my aunt. All seemed to be fine and having a good day. Was good to know.

I struggle with getting things done that I know I have to do but don’t have any motivation for doing. After so many years it gets harder to find any ways to freshen it up and keep me motivated. Of course I know I’ll get it done anyway but it feels so much of a burden lately. No way out of it though.

Still, my life is kind of getting better lately. Not any major change but small steps adding up. No luck in finding a job, no luck in finding a suitable place to live and no luck in finding that love that keeps eluding me. Might be because I’m not looking hard enough or in the right places or perhaps I don’t know how to look for any of it. No idea.

But I enjoy life the way I know how. Have started watching Orange Is The New Black again and still find it fun and interesting to see where all the characters will end up.

Same goes for Game of Thrones. Those are the only shows I watch now. Sometimes I watch some movies but not as much as earlier this year. I find that there aren’t a lot of really good movies around anymore. Or perhaps I’ve grown out of the genre movies. I keep returning to the “old” movies I already know because they are still good.

My internet friends also keep me smiling. Without them, I’d be lost.

Somewhere there’s a joke….

Published 05/23/2016 by MoonieZ

…and it’s on me.

Bring them on. The jokes. I’m a joke. The Joker. The eternal fail. A fool. The epiphany of stupidity incarnated. I feel that way sometimes. Like the other day.

I committed that classic mistake of taking it a step too far, crossing that line, entering the dark side of the moon.

On the one hand: if you never try you will never know what could have been around that bend. On the other hand: sometimes it might be better to not know.

On the left foot: what are you on about? 

Not sure but it might be obvious.

Obviously not.

I haven’t finished yet. This isn’t easy as a-b-c. It takes some thinking to…

Oh, please! You know that you haven’t got a clue what you’re on about. As usual. 

Just because you are unable to grasp this topic doesn’t mean I can’t explain it.

Just because you like to cry in your milk don’t make you an expert on anything. 

Are you trying to change the subject?

No, but I sense that you are. And soon you’ll probably shut me down for interrupting your little I’m-a-victim-of-my-own-stupidity-please-let-me-feel-sorry-for myself-soliloquy. 

You be right.

See, this is why you will never 

Boring conversation anyway.


Published 05/14/2016 by MoonieZ

The headline suggests that this will be about being unsure of things, oneself, thoughts, feelings…. The list is endless.

However, not exactly what I’m fishing for. Or maybe exactly what I’m on about. The Unsure beast is a two-faced monster.

No.Not at all.

Yes, it is!

Maybe in your world. Not in mine. 

Your world? You, the figment of my imagination, can’t have a world of your own, unless I create it for you!

That’s what you think. 

I know for a fact that’s how it is. Also, I know I have had this pointless conversation before.

That’s what you always say, but I know you’re wrong. 

Been listening to old Chris Rea tunes lately?

No, but you have. 

See, there’s the proof that I’m right!

You only think so because you control the keyboard. If I were to take control, thoughts would be different. 

Whose thoughts? They would still be my thoughts.


So, you admit it now, that I control you, and that I created you?

No. I admit nothing. You know nothing. 

I know more than you. This could go on forever.

It will. 

Not if I stop typing it won’t.

Then do it. 

Do what?

Stop typi

I win.

“Looking for a good time”

Published 08/29/2015 by MoonieZ

Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes – Looking For A Good Time

A great new song from Southside Johnny’s latest album Soultime . I liked this song from the first time I listened to it. I added it to my ever growing list of favorite tunes.

Throwback Thursday

Published 10/02/2014 by MoonieZ


This is from 1993. Found it in a sketchbook I had lying around on my desk. Somehow I feel I was more creative back in those days, before computers and the internet entered my life. Or perhaps I was just younger and less worried about the result not being good enough.

Hey there, people

Published 09/07/2014 by MoonieZ

I’m SwedishMoon…

Yes I know, I had a Frank Zappa moment there for a second or two. Ain’t it funny how that one song is the one everyone seems to connect with Zappa when the man made so much great music? Not saying that song is bad but still, there is so much more music to the name Zappa.

Ok, that little rant is not the topic of this post. I just happened to think of it while typing the headline.

September is here again. Yes, I know it has been a week of it already but you see I haven’t been up to writing anything. As usual.  The times when I had to express myself every day of the year seem to have vanished. Now I’m happy if it happens once a month or even less. Besides, nobody reads blogs anymore anyway, right?

Well, I still read a few from time to time but to be honest I spend more time reading Twitter and Tumblr these days.  Even so, I like to keep this blog alive because I want to reach the 10 year mark next year. Also I’m still thinking of trying to make something more out of the texts I have published over the years. Will see where that leads.

At the new office place I’m at most of my days, I still struggle to find a meaning and a new project to work on. I am waiting for the election to be over so that things might change. With a new government things will change because policy is going to change.  If nothing happens, I’m not sure how much longer I can go on seeing my life go to waste.

Yes, I know if I want to see change I will have to be the change. Easy to say. I’ll tell you this: walk a year in my shoes then come back and say that again if you still think it is so easy.

Of course I’m still searching for employment. Not much else to do, if I wish to find something. No luck though.

My health is somewhat all over the map. Lately, I’ve been pretty good but it changes a lot. I know I would be better if I had been doing a real job for all these years instead of  only looking for jobs. The stress sometimes makes me feel like I don’t want to live but I usually fight that feeling. Many times I feel useless though. Forgotten by society and only considered as a statistic.

Thankful for the friends I still keep in touch with. Not sure I’d go on without you all.  Music and movies provide some relief and renewed energy, but mostly comfort and escape from reality. Same goes for TV shows.

Look, I managed to repeat myself again. Time to leave.

Peace out.

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