Published 05/14/2016 by MoonieZ

The headline suggests that this will be about being unsure of things, oneself, thoughts, feelings…. The list is endless.

However, not exactly what I’m fishing for. Or maybe exactly what I’m on about. The Unsure beast is a two-faced monster.

No.Not at all.

Yes, it is!

Maybe in your world. Not in mine. 

Your world? You, the figment of my imagination, can’t have a world of your own, unless I create it for you!

That’s what you think. 

I know for a fact that’s how it is. Also, I know I have had this pointless conversation before.

That’s what you always say, but I know you’re wrong. 

Been listening to old Chris Rea tunes lately?

No, but you have. 

See, there’s the proof that I’m right!

You only think so because you control the keyboard. If I were to take control, thoughts would be different. 

Whose thoughts? They would still be my thoughts.


So, you admit it now, that I control you, and that I created you?

No. I admit nothing. You know nothing. 

I know more than you. This could go on forever.

It will. 

Not if I stop typing it won’t.

Then do it. 

Do what?

Stop typi

I win.


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