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Somebody new

Published 10/14/2017 by MoonieZ

Let me tell you this, readers, writing this wasn’t easy.  First, I thought I had a brilliant idea to write all this in Swedish. That was before I actually started. Then, as I started, it dawned on me how it would seem odd to suddenly write in Swedish at this blog, which has only seen one text in Swedish during its entire existence. So, after a day or two of thinking about it, I decided English is the only way to go.

Thinking about what to write has also proved to make it difficult to even start. To get out of that situation I simply write what comes to mind. Regardless of what I think about it.

I see no other way to get this all out of head and into a block of text.

A Friday was the day it all started. I was having a slow day doing a lot of nothing and got the sudden idea to check out the new faces of the chat site I used to visit occasionally.

So, I browsed through the section of new arrivals and suddenly a certain screen name caught my eye. The first part of it was identical to my own and that made me curious to find out if it was indeed true and not false like the case had often been in the past with people claiming to be Swedish.

So I went in, just to see if I could find out.

Now, I must admit, my first reaction to what I saw did not make me all that interested in staying. The person in front of the camera did strike me as not that nice or interesting but I still decided to chat and drop some tokens. After all , I had nothing better to do.

How I found out she actually is Swedish, I can’t recall but I know I did receive a private message asking me if I’m Swedish and after that a conversation started. I must have started to enjoy myself because I stayed in the room about four hours that first day.

That very first impression proved to be wrong. She is actually nothing like the sort I first thought. And that probably contributed to the fact that I returned the next day and stayed even longer.

But, after those two days, I did stay away for twelve days. Why that happened was probably because I was trying to avoid falling back into my old habit of spending huge amounts of time and (from time to time ) lots of money at this site.

However, I must have liked my first two days, because after nearly two weeks away I went back and from then onwards for like almost a month I spent lots of time having fun and getting to know this person.

At first our conversations were all in English but after a while that changed and our private conversations started to be in Swedish. I can’t stress enough how good it felt to finally hear my native language spoken and see it typed at that site. For so many years, all my chat conversations had always been in English, no matter the nationality of the person I spoke with. For a long time I had also enjoyed it and actually avoided Swedish even when fellow Swedes had used it in chats I had been a  part of. I even avoided to admit being from Sweden.

Now, however, Swedish really spoke to me in many ways it had not done for so many years before.

Also, the way she speaks Swedish, the sound, the accent, the melody of her voice immediately caught me and only made me want to hear it again and again.

Needless to say, I quickly forgot all about everything else around me and focused all my attention on the person in front of me and on getting to know as much as possible about her.

Who I found is someone completely different from my first faulty impression. At first I would never have guessed she has such a great amount of talent, creativity and positive energy but it dawned on me during the many hours I spent with her.

Not only was it fun, it also challenged me to change. Or, rather, she inspired and challenged me to start changing my thinking into a more positive direction.

Her almost limitless positive energy and constant happy outlook on everything started to rub off on me and for that I’m eternally grateful. It has given me reason to question myself and to evolve after being kind of stuck in some rather negative modes of thinking about myself and things that happen.

Though most of all she is incredibly creative and artistic. And fun to be around. You never know what she will do or say, or  where her creative ideas will take her and you. For me, being stuck in routine and structure as I am, this impulsive creativity can sometimes seem confusing and hard to follow but it also teaches me to be less afraid of not being able to predict what will happen. Have I also mentioned how beautiful and attractive she is? I haven’t ? Perhaps that goes without saying. Not that I think its her very best feature. Don’t get me wrong, she’s beautiful but its her soul that really makes her beauty shine.

Her amazing personality is what keeps me coming back, what draws me in. Yet, it’s not so easy to define which lends a certain mystery to her being. Something I find even more attractive than the pure physical beauty she also possesses a lot of. Without being flawless, mind you. It would be easy to wax on about her being perfect in every aspect but that’s not how it is. I don’t believe in the concept of a perfect human being anyway. What appeals to me are always the small imperfections that make every person unique.

She certainly is a one of a kind person and I’m very happy  and feel very lucky to have gotten to know her over the past month. Still I feel there is lots more to know and she constantly surprises me with new aspects of herself that adds to the overall image of the person she is. And even if the pieces not always seem to fit straight away they reveal a very interesting soul.

Sunday,May 22, 2016

Published 05/22/2016 by MoonieZ


Sunny as Saturday was but mostly cloudy,  I wasn’t much outside. The plan was to get some boring things done that really need doing but for which I have lost all motivation.

So, I’m seated here after midnight with all the work still to do. However, I will not start now. Instead, I’m off to sleep and then to dream.

When I wake up I really have to get my sh*t together, or there will be hell to pay later.

At least my worried mood from a few days ago has vanished. I got some help to get my brain back on track and for that I’m happy.

The struggle to keep my self in order is not easy and it takes a lot of energy away from me. Energy I could make better use of.

Friday night was a fun time though. I got to forget about all the problems and enjoy a few hours of good fun and laughter among other things.

I slept very well after that. All the way to the afternoon. Then I woke up with the energy I lacked the day before, but I didn’t put it to good use. I daydreamed the afternoon away all the way into the night, and here I am.

Some part of me tells me I might never finish this post. With all the distractions of late.

Anyway, I no longer remember where i was going with this so I might just stop right here and let my clever readers figure out the rest.



Published 05/14/2016 by MoonieZ

The headline suggests that this will be about being unsure of things, oneself, thoughts, feelings…. The list is endless.

However, not exactly what I’m fishing for. Or maybe exactly what I’m on about. The Unsure beast is a two-faced monster.

No.Not at all.

Yes, it is!

Maybe in your world. Not in mine. 

Your world? You, the figment of my imagination, can’t have a world of your own, unless I create it for you!

That’s what you think. 

I know for a fact that’s how it is. Also, I know I have had this pointless conversation before.

That’s what you always say, but I know you’re wrong. 

Been listening to old Chris Rea tunes lately?

No, but you have. 

See, there’s the proof that I’m right!

You only think so because you control the keyboard. If I were to take control, thoughts would be different. 

Whose thoughts? They would still be my thoughts.


So, you admit it now, that I control you, and that I created you?

No. I admit nothing. You know nothing. 

I know more than you. This could go on forever.

It will. 

Not if I stop typing it won’t.

Then do it. 

Do what?

Stop typi

I win.

Shouldn’t, but will anyway

Published 05/03/2016 by MoonieZ

The best thing to do, would be not to write this but I’m not able to contain myself when some people just makes me want to express myself any way I can. The only way I know is in writing.
I had a stab at drawing comics & cartoons at one point in time when I was still in school but I already knew writing is my thing. Not that I think I’m any good, but I get by. And there are lots of stories unpublished from the times when I wrote fiction and not much else. Then I gave up on the fiction.
Except for a blog post or two.

Now I only spill my thoughts and feelings out. Here. This blog which I have kept going for 11 years next month. Without friends online it would never have started. Without friends online it would not have lasted this long.

So, I have to say that meeting new people online, wherever it happens, and how, is always inspiring the urge to write. Something. Anything.

However, my somewhat complicated communication skills make me doubt myself more often than not. The process of learning what comes naturally to most, is a challenge on a daily basis. Not going to dwell on that just now, though.

The reason I write this, is because I feel happy for the first time in a long time. Happy to have fun, happy to chat, happy to make jokes and play the clown or fool or court jester or whatever. Happy to be me. Happy to be alive.

Maybe it has to do with Spring coming around, the Sun being back. The warm weather. The light.

Whatever, in this case I know it to be all because of one individual. She’s a gem. At least that’s how I see it. Most likely because I feel good seeing it that way. It brings the joy of being alive back. Not when I expected it. But probably when I needed it. Anyway, I’m simply grateful for it happening.

Now I should take a chill pill and go to sleep. Due to my past, that course of action is the only sensible one. Readers of my blog will know that I have managed to go overboard on several occasions with disasters as a result.

Not this time. This time, I play my part and keep myself under wraps. Better for me, better for everyone.

So many words, so little meaning. Sorry, at least I’m being honest. I’m complicated. Only my own fault.

One friend used to tell me to not bash myself into the ground. Not only one but two friends told me that. I should not think less of myself. So now I try but I can’t say I don’t struggle with it all the time. So easy to fall into it. To feel like I’m of no use just because I stumble on the road of life, now and then.

What’s my point? No idea, but thanks for reading.

All about the people

Published 08/16/2014 by MoonieZ

Listen up, people – or better yet: read. I’ve got something to say.

Not long ago I thought I was more or less done doing certain things. Most of the fun had gone out of it. I didn’t feel the same need to be around a certain place. Except for the chance to see my few friends. I didn’t have the urge to participate at all. The time had come to close the door on the whole thing.

What I thought was the final nail in the lid of that coffin, turned out to be a start of something new and exciting. Somehow the fun has returned. Thanks to new people, I found my lust to take part again.

Even the old bad habit of staying up late and getting no sleep. However, I find I’m getting too old for that part.

In the words of the great poet John Fogerty:

[I’m] born again, there’s new grass on the field  

This leads me to the conclusion  that it’s all about the people you meet.

John Fogerty – Centerfield

There’s more to the picture

Published 02/26/2013 by MoonieZ

What picture? Oh, that picture. Are you sure?


I’m not sure. Lately you’ve been very weird.


Yes, lately. Do I have to spell it out in big bold letters?

No. I get the picture.

So what are you going to do about it?

About what?

Your weirdness…

Oh, that.

Yes, that.

I dunno. I’m thinking about doing exactly nothing at all.

Nothing at all?! Are you out of your mind?!

Yes, I believe I am. You know – weird.

Ok, ok. Never mind. What about the picture?

What picture?

Here we go again.

Oh, that picture. I’m not sure yet. Trying to figure it out as I speak.

I see. That’ll work. Not.

Last night was a fun night

Published 12/08/2011 by MoonieZ

After all the turmoil I’ve worked my way through during the beginning of the week it was a relief to have a really fun Wednesday evening and night. I enjoyed it a lot.

To go to the chat room of my friend and have some good conversation and fun was just what I needed and it made me very happy to be able to be the kind of friend I always try to be. Being able to contribute to the fun and have a good feeling and not have to think too much about anything. Very relaxing.

Even if I didn’t get more than two hours sleep in the morning and was late to get going to the office, I don’t mind, it was worth it to be awake all night. All day today, I’ve been   feeling  good and had  a smile on my face.


This is Tuesday

Published 11/22/2011 by MoonieZ

Tuesday speaking. Just had a word from Monday, said it won’t be around until next week. So, I guess you are stuck with little old me. I know, it sucks but life can’t only be Fridays or Saturdays or whatever your preference might be. There has to be some room for Tuesdays too. Now, I know, we don’t amount to a hell of a lot. Mostly you just pass through us on your way to the greener pastures of Friday and Saturday but hey, here’s a secret, they’re just days of the week too, believe it or not they’re just the same as me and my buddy Monday. However most of you don’t seem to notice us and when you do you want to forget us. Or get rid of us. Even Wednesday and Thursday are more popular. They almost get to hang with the cool kids so they usually don’t want us to tag along. Being a Tuesday is no piece of cake. Sometimes I wish I was a Friday too or that Friday was a Tuesday so that I would get to be cool instead. I know jealousy is not very attractive so I try not to think about how much I’d like to be Friday, instead I focus on the fact that without me Monday would be very lonely just like poor Sunday who’s all alone at the end of the week. Not cool enough to hang with Saturday and Friday and not dull enough to be seen with losers like me and Monday. It must suck to be Sunday too. At least it must be a bit lonely to always be the day when everyone’s resting up after two wild nights of partying and mayhem.

Now before I start to sound all negative, I’ll sign off.



Published 11/20/2011 by MoonieZ

Hello, my name is Stupid, maybe you’ve heard of me?

You have? Good, this saves me a lot of explaining.

Somehow, wherever I turn up things have a tendency to go wrong.  I don’t know why, it just happens. That is why I prefer to use an alias – D. Iputs  – when I have to be around people. Sometimes it helps but sometimes it seems to be more of a problem than a solution.

Heard on the bus this afternoon

Published 09/27/2011 by MoonieZ

Guy#1: What’s the weirdest things a girl has left behind at your place?

Guy#2: I don’t know…

Guy#1: You know XX she forgot a toothbrush once…

Guy#2: Who the hell brings a toothbrush when they go out to a bar!?

Guy#1: I don’t know…(laughs) bring a toothbrush to a one night stand? ….And once I found some fake nails some other girl had forgot…I mean how do you forget a thing like that?

Both guys laugh.

Guy#2: Well at my place one girl forgot a phone charger…and ‘ve found false eyelashes (sigh)…stockings…wallet… shoes…panties

Guy#1: Yeah false eyelashes…How can they forget a thing like that….Anyway you know ZZ? She says she forgot her panties at my place…but I haven’t found them….I’ve been looking everywhere …I’ve got no idea where they are

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