Who is MoonieZ/SwedishMoon ?


welcome to Swedish Moon – Just another guy with ASD. I am MoonieZ (aka SwedishMoon) and this is my blog.  June 2005 was the starting point of this blog. At that time it was hosted at blogger.com under a different heading. After a short time I discovered WordPress and decided to export the whole blog here. I simply like the look and feel of WordPress more and found that the tools available for editing and publishing make it very easy to manage the blog.

When I first started my blog, I was an active member of the webcam site/chat/community Anywebcam.com (a site no longer active). Inspired by the many creative people I had met and communicated with on there I decided to find a way to express myself and my creativity online. Since I’ve always liked to write, starting a blog seemed like the perfect choice. In the past I had experimented a little with building websites and such  but found it too much work to keep it up.

From the start I did not set a  topic for my blog. Instead I used it to write about anything and everything that came to mind,  but most of all about my thoughts, feelings and reactions to what I experienced at the webcam site. Soon I also started to write about my life, about why I write and other things,  like experiences from my childhood and growing up. I have also used the blog to create some fiction. Many posts are pure fiction. Some texts are attempts at humor while in others I try out different styles of writing.

After the first months of frequent writing my output slowed down and for a few years onward I almost stopped updating the blog. Then a few years ago I suddenly started to pay more attention to the blog and also updated it with a lot of new posts. From then on I have kept it up and running. Some months I have not had enough time to update as much as I would like but most of the time I try to update at least three times a week. During 2011 my goal was to update at least once every day throughout the year. (This goal I was not able to reach, but I did give it a serious try.) For 2012 I have  no goal except to keep writing and maintain some kind of quality of my work.

The blog has still got no main topic but I seem to have focused more and more on writing about my interest in music, movies, chat rooms and cam sites. I still deal with my own inner workings though – thoughts, feelings and other stuff. Sometimes I also write some fiction but not as much as before.

Now that you know a little about the blog I guess I should tell you some more about me.  So what follows is a brief history of MoonieZ.

NAME MoonieZ / Moonie2U/SwedishMoon. I also sometimes use or have used some other variations of this nickname. How I got this nickname, why and when, I describe on this blog page.

AGE  51 years old.

CITY  Sandviken. Not Stockholm   anymore. Well, not exactly inside Stockholm’s city limits but it was close enough for me.

COUNTRY Sweden.  Born here. Family traces roots in Sweden back at least 500 years (to trace further back is hard to do, due to a lack of sources). In other words I’m as Swedish as we come (in case it matters to you). Ancestors have mostly been farmers, common soldiers, craftsmen, civil servants or priests.

FAMILY Two older brothers and a bunch of other relatives. Some internet friends. Of course I also have a mother and a father but sadly they have both passed away (2015,1995).

SCHOOL Yes. Started at 7 years old. Then went to school for 12 years straight. Took a break for about 11 years, then went to the University for 4 years. Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Humanities with a Major in Cinema History and Theory.

WORK Used to have a job. Worked full-time from 1986 to 2006 in various grocery stores. Then lost employment due to economic recession and have since then  been employed only once – a tryout for 6 months –  in 2008. I keep on being active looking for work and adding to my skills.

INTERESTS Writing, reading, watching movies, listening to music, food, travelling, exploring the internet, visiting chat rooms, webcam sites and hanging out on Twitter and Tumblr. I also like taking pictures and sharing them through Instagram.

The older version of my presentation can be found on this blog page for those who wish to read it.

(Edited October 2014, October 2015, May 2016,August 2016, November 2016, September 2017, August 2019)

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