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A good idea

Published 02/27/2012 by MoonieZ

Earlier today I had a good idea for a post. When I got home I had forgotten most  of it. Maybe I’ll write it another day. However, the book I’m currently reading gives me a lot of new ideas of things to write. In a way they’re not really new, just things I remember and recognize about myself and my life when I read about the life of someone else. Certain aspects of the life and personality of Leif  G W Persson are similar to my own experiences and personal traits. It’s not more complicated than that.

Today was a cold and rather bad day. Mostly. Started out with delayed commuter trains and lots of pain from my kidney stones. After getting back home in the early evening I finally started to feel a bit better. Now I only hope tomorrow will  not be as bad as today.




Published 02/25/2012 by MoonieZ

Have recently started to read a book. It’s the autobiography of  famous Swedish author and criminologist Leif G W Persson. The thing I find interesting about the book so far is the way the author describes his personality. The feeling of being a spectator, of being an observer of things from a distance and keeping to himself rather than be in the middle of things. Also the need to be alone in one’s own mind and the desire to read books, all kinds of books. The desire to know and to learn. I can recognize myself in this description.  It’s how I’ve lived my life, or most of it. Always had a desire to observe and always felt a bit detached from the life around me, even when being among friends and while playing games or being in school.

Not always how I wanted it to be, and not always good, but it’s the way I’ve been and the way I am.  I guess what I like about reading Persson’s description of himself is that I don’t have to feel like I’m the only one to have this outlook on life and this way of being. Of course I’ve known a long time I’m not alone but I still like to be reminded of it. Sometimes I still feel alone in being the way I am anyway.


What to do in the new year

Published 01/06/2012 by MoonieZ

Have been thinking about what to write on this blog in order to keep you all interested and entertained. So far I have not had too many ideas. One idea I had the other day is to turn this blog into a book  through self-publishing. I have been thinking about that before but not checked it out any further. Now I might actually explore the idea and see what the options are. I’ve always wanted to collect my best posts in some kind of book to make it possible to offer as a gift or to promote my writing to people not used to reading blogs. Not sure if any of my writings are good enough to be printed out though. I would probably have to do some editing but maybe some texts would be worth saving.


Christmas Day 2011

Published 12/26/2011 by MoonieZ

Woke up late on Christmas day after a good night’s sleep. I had the good fortune of going to bed with a smile on my face and a good feeling after a mostly not very happy Christmas eve. Last thing I did before going to sleep was to spend a little time online in a chatroom of a friend. This managed to change my mood for the better and listening to a Christmas story also helped.

After breakfast which was more like lunch I spent my Christmas day in a relaxed manner. While it was still daylight I went for a drive around the neighbourhood and got some groceries. Then I watched some movies – Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Black Swan and Step Brothers. I also started to read the book I got from my brother for Christmas.

In the afternoon I sent a text message to a friend I had not had any news from for at least 6 months. It was only a Christmas greeting and I didn’t expect any reply. However a few hours later I got a reply – a Christmas greeting. This made me smile. Then I thought about sending another message to find out how things are going but I didn’t. Not sure if I should or not. Sometimes it might be better to hold off.

Late in the evening a heavy storm swept  across the countryside. Power went out during the night and most of the following day. Trees fell across the roads, on cars and buildings.
Spent most of my Monday by the window to get enough light to read and heated some food over the fire in the fireplace downstairs. When darkness started to fall, the power came back on and I decided to update my blog.

Will probably spend my evening reading, watching movies and listening to music.



From my brother

Published 12/24/2011 by MoonieZ

I got this book about the life of Kal P Dal – singer, songwriter and band leader as a Christmas present from my brother who played the drums in this band during the late 1970’s.  I’ve only looked through the book briefly but I have already seen some interesting facts I didn’t know about. It seems Kal P Dal once had a at that point still obscure British band – The Police – open a show for them. Also Kal P Dal’s first album pushed an album by ABBA down from the number one spot on the Swedish charts at some point.


Mixed emotions

Published 10/06/2011 by MoonieZ


It’s been a strange day. Gloomy weather.

First the news early this morning that Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs had passed away. Maybe not totally unexpected but still a bit of a shock.  Not that I’m a huge Apple products user but I still think Jobs did a lot of good and influenced a lot of people.

Next up the good news that Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer has been awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature. Nobody seems to have expected a Swede to be awarded but now it’s a fact and probably well deserved too. I don’t really know as I’m not a huge reader of poetry, unless it’s song lyrics.

So it’s been  day of sadness and joy.

Also today, I listened to a lot of good new music while working on my new project at the office. When I say new I mean new to my ears. I listened to songs by Colbie Caillat, Gavin DeGraw, Joss Stone and Jack Johnson among others.


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