Story behind my nickname(s)

Ok, this is a short story. My nickname on this blog is/was MoonieZ which I presume everyone has noticed (now changed to SwedishMoon). Some of my readers may also know me as Moonie2U. So to avoid confusion I will now tell you all the short history of my nickname and its variations.

It all began in the summer of 2001. I was forced to be at home due to illness and one evening or afternoon while being online looking around I found a chatroom I liked and started to hang around there. At first as a guest with only a random number assigned to me. However I noticed nobody noticed what I typed while I was a guest so I decided to sign up because I liked the room enough to want to return to it regularly. I didn’t really think a lot about what chat name to use so I typed the first word going through my mind which was Moonglow. Pretty soon though several people in the room started to call me Moonie instead and that stuck with me. So at every room and site I joined after that first one I used some variation of Moonie like MoonieX, MoonieZ, EinooM and others. Now I am using MoonieZ and Moonie2U but not at the same places. (I also use SwedishMoon a lot).

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