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Me, with first typewriter, 1984

I’m MoonieZ/Moonie2U and I am a Swede and I have no idea what else to write about myself.

Probably I should not mess with this but I’ll add a few notes to inform the world about who I am. At least about how I describe myself.

So I am a tall – yes all Swedes are tall – blond – yes, all Swedes are blond – blue-eyed – yes all Swedes are blue-eyed – handsome – yes all Swedes…Wait a minute man, you’re not exactly handsome are you ?almost all Swedes are handsome –  man – yes all Swedes are men… Excuse me, are you sure about that? Sorry, all Swedes are men if they are not women, or refuse to define themselves as either – and I live somewhere close to Stockholm, the capital city.


Me, 1971

I grew up close to an Air Force base and that’s not much of a mystery considering I had no choice.


My parents

My father worked in Flygvapnet (the Swedish Air Force) most of his working life. He was a fighter pilot and later became an air traffic controller. The most famous aircraft he flew while in active duty as a pilot was the North American P-51D Mustang or, as it was designated here in Sweden, the J-26. If you take a look at my blog you’ll find a picture of my father and a Mustang, taken sometime in 1946. After his retirement from the Air Force my father spent some time in different part-time office jobs, but around his 70th birthday he fell ill with cancer and passed away the following year.

My mother had a lot of different types of jobs before getting married to my father. She grew up in a bakery, because her father – my grandfather – was a baker and ran his own bakery business from the basement of his home for about 35 years or so. The whole family helped out there when needed.

After getting married my mother spent many years taking care of the family – my brothers and me while we grew up –  and the household full-time. Then, after the age of 50, she went back to work part-time as a housekeeper at an office building for about 15 years. After her retirement from that job, she continued to take care of her home and after my father passed away she lived alone until she recently passed away after suffering a short illness.

I am the youngest of three brothers.


My oldest brother, 1974

My oldest brother, is a Doctor of Neuropsychology. He has worked a lot with patients and research projects, and worked in his own business; mostly giving lectures, teaching students and others all over Sweden about his field of research. Now he is mostly retired.


My second oldest brother

My second oldest brother is a very experienced and talented  chef, who was employed in the food industry in Copenhagen, Denmark. Now retired. He is also a musician, still active with a band. In the middle of the 1970s to the early 1980s he was the drummer in the band Kal P Dal  fronted by the (mostly locally) famous Swedish rock singer/songwriter/entertainer – Kalle Pedal/Karl (Carl-Göran) Ljunggren (1949-1985) –  and recorded 4 albums as a member of the band during that time. With the singer Ljunggren the band toured all over Sweden for about four years and appeared on several radio and television shows.

Brother behind the drums

Brother behind the drums

Brother playing the drums

I am not a doctor of anything, I can’t play any instruments, I am not so good at cooking and I don’t own any company. But I have worked since I was 18, in the retail business, and I have spent 4 years of higher learning at a university, but sadly without graduating. [Edit 2012: I have finally graduated with a degree of bachelor of arts in humanities]

 At the university I mostly studied Cinema history & theory, and also Media, Communication, Information, Public Relations and Advertising. On top of that some general Cultural Studies.

Not so easy to find a steady job in any of  these fields but I never thought of studying as a career move only, but as a way to evolve my thinking, learn about research and to enhance my ability to make up my own opinion about things.

Also, I have always liked to write and at a younger age I thought and/or dreamed of becoming an author.

It was a dream and a goal for a long time, but lately I have more or less let go of it. Now I dream of making a living in any kind of job related to the subjects I have studied.  However, I might still try to write the novel(s) I never finished while I was young. Or write something else. No matter what.

Well, most of the information presented about me here, and more, can also be found scattered around the blog, in the multiple posts already published,  so I won’t dig deeper into the details of my growing up or working life or health problems or the recent unemployment. If I tell the whole story here, there’s nothing left for you as a reader to explore.  So, if you have been reading this far you are now near the end of this presentation. Nice, huh ?

I thought so.

But wait. I haven’t told you anything about my good/bad traits or about my favorite meals, music, movies and whatever else that usually turn up in a presentation such as this. Same reason. All such information can be found among the blog posts for those who’d like to know, and if I make a list here I will have to keep editing it because my preferences change over time, at least some of them. My good and bad traits may not change much though.

Good traits:

Honest, Care about others, Sensitive, Trustworthy, Loyal, Responsible,  Nice,  Funny, Intelligent

“Bad” traits:

Impulsive, Lack some self-confidence,  Stubborn, Too Sensitive

Now, do I get the job or not ?

Somewhere around Stockholm, 2007 (edited 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2015, 2016,2019)


One comment on “About MoonieZ

  • Ok so I just found your blog 🙂

    Very nice interesting read about online chatting with the streaming video and how long you’ve been watching it! 🙂

    I can’t believe I didn’t know you were Swedish! 🙂

    Anyway cool to find you up here 🙂

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