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And now: the news

Published 10/19/2014 by MoonieZ


Dark outside. Raining. After midnight, so Sunday has begun.

In the archipelago outside Stockholm the Swedish Navy is chasing what they claim to be a foreign submarine of some sort.

The tabloids and news headlines are talking about a new cold war situation. I prefer to stay calm until I see more proof with regards to this ongoing incident.

I’m old enough to remember how it was during the ending decades of the Cold War. The Navy used to chase suspected foreign subs then too, but they never found any and could not present much proof of anything. Don’t get me wrong: I take this new situation seriously and I trust the Swedish Navy to know what they’re doing but I don’t like the big headlines and the feeling of hysteria in the media.

The media is painting a picture of a new “Cold War” when no one knows for sure what results the current chase will end up with or even if it will give us any conclusive proof of this still only suspected foreign military submarine activity inside the archipelago.

On a more personal note, I have started “work” at the new office. I’m learning how to use some photo editing software in order to be able to work with making digital copies of old photos, maps and other documents from various institutions, museums and such.

I like the new place.

This past week I have had a cold. It started already on last Sunday but I managed to be at the office for three days before I had to call in sick. Headache, light fever, runny nose,sneezing and a cough was too much for me. Not until Saturday have I started to feel mostly ok again even if some of the cough remains and my nose is congested.

On job hunting front much remains the same. Nothing much happens. However, this Wednesday I had a job interview over the phone with one employer. I didn’t get the job but at least they wanted to talk to me. A good sign. The first interview I’ve had in a really long time. It made me feel a bit more motivated.

On the more personal front. I still enjoy seeing friends and taking part in the social media networks. That’s about all there is to say.


Welcome to Sweden, Mr President

Published 09/04/2013 by MoonieZ

Ok, my first post for September just happens to be written the same day as the current President of the United States, Barack Obama is visiting our country. Landed about 1 hour ago and is now getting ready for his day of meetings and dinners in Stockholm.

Regardless of politics both domestic and foreign, I’m happy to be alive in this historic moment. Swedes are not used to visits by US Presidents. So I believe most Swedes are thrilled no matter what their views are regarding the United States and/or its politics.

I understand that this visit does not matter much in the USA or elsewhere but here it is a rather big deal.

Yet, I’ll be watching it on television. I could have been out in the streets of Stockholm to perhaps catch a glimpse of it all but since the traffic situation will be somewhat difficult I have decided to stay in my suburban part of town.

Also, I have a lot of things to do.

That’s all.


Don’t let it snow no more

Published 12/16/2012 by MoonieZ

I hope that it won’t.  Not for the next few days at least.

Ok, I know I’ve been quiet a long time on this blog. I have been busy getting my internet connection and speed repaired. It’s still not all done but at least good enough to let me type this quick update.

Been a busy time in other ways too ,the last few weeks. Somehow I managed to write some on Twitter now and then but this blog I have neglected.

My stay at the office has been extended for another year, which is good. I like it there enough to want to stay. And I have a project to work on when I’m not busy looking for jobs.

The unemployment rate is rising in Sweden so the future doesn’t look good but I keep trying and trying some more.

The neverending snowing is not helping to keep my mood in a good way but at least all the shoveling keeps me busy and it probably “builds character” too. Not that I know in what way.

Be that as it may. The weather can’t be reasoned with, it will just keep on going. No matter what.

In order to survive I read, listen to music and watch some movies or TV shows. And I do some writing. Still have that long text I promised to publish waiting to be finished.

Don’t worry, it will be. Maybe not before the end of the year but it will be published here.

What else? Well, without my friends to talk to from time to time I would not survive.


Another Sunday

Published 11/11/2012 by MoonieZ

Been a few days since the last update. Can’t say I’ve been too busy to write, I’ve only been able to find a lot of excuses for not doing it. Also, I’ve been thinking about a few things to write that are all planned and ready in my mind. I’m still debating with myself whether or not to publish them when I have typed them in.

What else have I been doing then? Mostly reading, watching movies online and listened to music. I have some problems with my internet connection and hope to have it fixed soon.

At the office, I have looked at job ads, written some applications, had some discussions and done some reading and thinking. Somehow I think the time has come to make some more efforts in order to make things happen. Try some different ideas.

I still have some energy left.

Today is Father’s Day here in Sweden and that’s why I went to the church yesterday to light a candle for my father, at his grave. The candle is inside a lamp so it will last for four days.

Yesterday was  pretty nice day but very windy. Today, I woke up and thought it was snowing outside but luckily I was only dreaming. Instead it was raining.

Also yesterday I had some pretty bad stomach ache and most of the day was ruined. I had some errands to run and I did but I almost thought I wouldn’t make it back home.

Luckily, today I’ve been feeling a lot better. So good I have finally started to write these overdue updates.

In about 20 minutes I’ll start watching a crime show on tv and then maybe write some more before going to sleep.

“White trash”

Published 11/04/2012 by MoonieZ

In my country – Sweden – the expression “white trash” is now being commonly used by some, to label people who are perceived to be poor, unemployed, uneducated and morally challenged.

I’m sure some people who don’t know me might consider me to be “white trash” since I’ve been unemployed for a long time and have a poor financial situation.

To me it seems that the need for some people to look down on others as a way to distance themselves is born out of fear in a society where inequality is growing and more and more people risk falling through the widening cracks in the social safety net due to unemployment and/or illness.

This trend worries me a lot but I’m not sure it can be turned around before it gets even worse.



Published 10/25/2012 by MoonieZ

No! I will not write anything about any news about the Swedish royal family. I will not comment on the recent news about another royal wedding being in the works. I have no opinion at all.

A few things I’ve learned this week (the hard way):

Do not voice your opinion on anything anyone writes or says unless you have been asked by him/her to voice an opinion.

Think twice about  making any kind of comment about something unless asked to do it.

Do not offer to help someone with anything whatsoever without having been asked to help first. 

Do not offer your good advice to someone about anything without having been asked to do so.

Live by these rules and life becomes a piece of cake. #Sarcasm


Published 09/03/2012 by MoonieZ

In honor of my brother the drummer/chef  and of the band Kal P Dal  and of the lead singer and songwriter Carl-Göran Ljunggren (1949-1985)  , and the fact that a musical about the recording of their first album will open later this year, in Malmoe, Sweden, I post this song. It’s one of my many favorites.

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