July 21, 2012

Published 07/21/2012 by MoonieZ


Today I got up at around 5 am. Visited a chatroom and spent some time talking to a friend. Then went back to sleep again at around 7am and woke up again at around 10am.

Got up and had breakfast with my mother and my niece. Nephew was asleep until past 12 am. Seems they both had very little sleep on the night before travelling here from the south of Sweden.

They got ready and went to the city to visit the amusement park. I decided not to go with them, as I feel a bit tired and prefer to rest. Also had some garden work to do.

Yesterday afternoon my other nephew and his baby daughter also visited. It was nice to have them all here.

We had different kinds of fish, potatoes and vegetables for dinner.

Later in the evening, my niece and nephew went to sleep while I spent some time at my computer writing job applications. I also looked around the internet and watched the latest episode of Louie.

Ended my evening in a chatroom.

All in all a good day.


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