Don’t let it snow no more

Published 12/16/2012 by MoonieZ

I hope that it won’t.  Not for the next few days at least.

Ok, I know I’ve been quiet a long time on this blog. I have been busy getting my internet connection and speed repaired. It’s still not all done but at least good enough to let me type this quick update.

Been a busy time in other ways too ,the last few weeks. Somehow I managed to write some on Twitter now and then but this blog I have neglected.

My stay at the office has been extended for another year, which is good. I like it there enough to want to stay. And I have a project to work on when I’m not busy looking for jobs.

The unemployment rate is rising in Sweden so the future doesn’t look good but I keep trying and trying some more.

The neverending snowing is not helping to keep my mood in a good way but at least all the shoveling keeps me busy and it probably “builds character” too. Not that I know in what way.

Be that as it may. The weather can’t be reasoned with, it will just keep on going. No matter what.

In order to survive I read, listen to music and watch some movies or TV shows. And I do some writing. Still have that long text I promised to publish waiting to be finished.

Don’t worry, it will be. Maybe not before the end of the year but it will be published here.

What else? Well, without my friends to talk to from time to time I would not survive.



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