Midsummer 2012

Published 06/22/2012 by MoonieZ


I woke from a dream of walking out on the lawn naked and letting the morning sun warm up my body .  Tweeted it, then added that this only works in movies and not in real life. Certainly won’t work for a middle-aged rather over weight Swedish man.

That same moment was when I decided once and for all that posting nude pics in my twitter feed will not get me any more followers. Instead I will most likely lose the ones I have gained so far. Now, had I been a woman instead, it might have been worth a try. Odd, how gender matters in this situation and would make a difference.

Gender issues are often discussed in Sweden. I also notice it being discussed in my twitter feed. When I was in college, gender was an issue in every class, regardless of subject. Gender could never be avoided. It is a dimension to be taken into account at all times. Even when writing a simple analysis of a mainstream movie. Or of a magazine cover. The rather surprising fact that a magazine attracts more buyers when there is an attractive woman on the cover, regardless if the magazine is aimed at men, women or both.

Anyway this is not going to be my two cents about the gender discussions.

Instead I will focus on the fact that today is Midsummer Eve in Sweden. This holiday is very old and very firmly upheld by Swedes in general. It’s a celebration but most of all its a time for drinking and eating. As I’ve already described in a previous post most Swedes prefer to leave the big cities and go to summer houses or camping sites  in the countryside or out in the archipelago to celebrate this holiday with family and friends.

This holiday is the last during the first half of the year and after these two days there is only one major holiday late in the fall  to look forward to before Christmas. Maybe that’s why Midsummer is celebrated so fiercely.

I will not be going anywhere. My oldest brother and his family is at his summer-house and my other brother is probably going to be at home with his family in the city where he lives. I’ll be with my mother and have some traditional food and relax and have a nice weekend.

Last weekend my oldest nephew visited with his daughter and it was a nice day for them and for my mother and for me too.  Especially for my mother who is still recovering from the minor stroke she suffered earlier this year, but which wasnt detected until months after.

Yesterday I took a free test online to find out my “real” age, and the result made me a bit worried. According to the test my real age is 49.6 years, even though my actual age is 44 and will be 45 later this year. I’m aging too fast, which brings me to want to change some of my bad habits.  Of course this test should not be trusted to be accurate but it is still an indication about my overall health status.

This week I spent a lot of time looking for jobs. I also followed the last days of the 10 weeks long trial against the terrorist in Norway who killed 77 people last year in July.  The prosecution pleaded that he be sentenced to mental treatment instead of prison, since he is believed to be mentally ill in some fashion. The defence will plead that he is not mentally ill and that he should go to prison instead. It will be interesting to see what the court will decide.


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