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Hey there, people

Published 09/07/2014 by MoonieZ

I’m SwedishMoon…

Yes I know, I had a Frank Zappa moment there for a second or two. Ain’t it funny how that one song is the one everyone seems to connect with Zappa when the man made so much great music? Not saying that song is bad but still, there is so much more music to the name Zappa.

Ok, that little rant is not the topic of this post. I just happened to think of it while typing the headline.

September is here again. Yes, I know it has been a week of it already but you see I haven’t been up to writing anything. As usual.  The times when I had to express myself every day of the year seem to have vanished. Now I’m happy if it happens once a month or even less. Besides, nobody reads blogs anymore anyway, right?

Well, I still read a few from time to time but to be honest I spend more time reading Twitter and Tumblr these days.  Even so, I like to keep this blog alive because I want to reach the 10 year mark next year. Also I’m still thinking of trying to make something more out of the texts I have published over the years. Will see where that leads.

At the new office place I’m at most of my days, I still struggle to find a meaning and a new project to work on. I am waiting for the election to be over so that things might change. With a new government things will change because policy is going to change.  If nothing happens, I’m not sure how much longer I can go on seeing my life go to waste.

Yes, I know if I want to see change I will have to be the change. Easy to say. I’ll tell you this: walk a year in my shoes then come back and say that again if you still think it is so easy.

Of course I’m still searching for employment. Not much else to do, if I wish to find something. No luck though.

My health is somewhat all over the map. Lately, I’ve been pretty good but it changes a lot. I know I would be better if I had been doing a real job for all these years instead of  only looking for jobs. The stress sometimes makes me feel like I don’t want to live but I usually fight that feeling. Many times I feel useless though. Forgotten by society and only considered as a statistic.

Thankful for the friends I still keep in touch with. Not sure I’d go on without you all.  Music and movies provide some relief and renewed energy, but mostly comfort and escape from reality. Same goes for TV shows.

Look, I managed to repeat myself again. Time to leave.

Peace out.


Published 12/18/2013 by MoonieZ

Not sure, but this evening I was riding the bus to do some grocery shopping and while on the bus I was thinking about writing a parody of The night before Christmas.  Then when I got home and checked my twitter I found out one  of my friends had posted a video of a reading of The night before Christmas. I’d say that’s pure coincidence. What else could it be?

With that very short story I leave you to it.


Never the less is more than enough

Published 10/05/2013 by MoonieZ

Confused? Let me tell you something, I didn’t do it. The other guy did it. What other guy? Ok, maybe it wasn’t the other guy but it could have been. I would like you to consider that option while I slowly and quietly exit through the backdoor and vanish into thin air.

With that all taken care of, I’ll return to the news.

Today being Saturday not much has happened in the life of Swedish Moon. In fact: nothing.

Nothing worth telling.

Woke up at a decent hour, after having a very vivid dream of being back at work while travelling somewhere out of the country. Then got up, made breakfast, listened to the radio.

Checked the internet and my Twitter for the latest news. Looked at some websites. Listened to music on Spotify. Checked Netflix for something to watch.
Went to the bathroom. Looked at porn videos. Masturbated. Scrolled through the Tumblr dashboard. Checked Facebook. Read some news online. Made a decision to go grocery shopping. Went by bus. Came back home. Opened a can of baked beans. Heated them on a plate in the microwave along with some leftover stuff. The resulting mess was my dinner. Not too bad. To drink: a glass of fresh plain water.
Returned to the net. Watched the new episode of Strike Back on HBO Nordic. Looked at MFC. Then tweeted. Checked Tumblr again. Listened to music. Went to watch some regular television for a while. Then back to the internet to write this among doing other things.
Soon I will probably fall asleep. Less than 50 minutes remain of my Saturday.

This wasn’t too boring, was it?

My weekend report

Published 02/11/2013 by MoonieZ

My weekend started on Friday. I don’t remember much of it except the chatroom  I was in and the snow I had to shovel. The first was fun and the second was a boring chore that brought me an aching back and a lot of fresh air.  Oh, and I also travelled to the city and bought some clothes.


I slept kind of late on Saturday morning. Probably didn’t get up before 10 am. Read the morning paper, had breakfast. Then went out to shovel more snow. Also had some other chores but didn’t have the energy to really get much of it done.  Instead I had too much to eat and watched a lot of episodes of Sons of Anarchy on Netflix. During this, I also tweeted and checked  my Tumblr dashboard. Went out to shovel more snow later too if I’m not mistaken. Did I also stop by a chatroom on Saturday night? I can’t remember so I hope I’m not offending anyone. I was really sleepy once  I managed to get to bed.

Woke up late on Sunday morning. Had a nice dream probably but don’t remember much of it. Again, I had breakfast read the morning paper and then went out to shovel some snow. Starting to sound like a boring weekend by now.  I guess it was kind of ordinary.

Spent the afternoon watching the rest of the episodes of season one of Sons of Anarchy. Later, around dinner time, my oldest brother visited for a while.

In the evening, I had a long shower and washed my hair. Afterwards, I felt very refreshed. Continued to watch Netflix while also reading Twitter, tweeting and looking at Tumblr.

Went to sleep rather late and woke up around 5 am because I had to go pee. Then fell asleep again and woke up too late. Since the weather wasn’t too good, I decided to “work” at home and sent a message to the office about this before going out to shovel some snow and then going out to do some grocery shopping, pay some bills and other stuff.

The end.

Thinking about things

Published 01/27/2013 by MoonieZ

This week I have had some ideas for things to write but I haven’t taken the time to write any of them. I have a good excuse: I have had a cold. In fact , I still have a bit of a could. For some days and nights I have been bothered by a most irritating cough and also suffered from the very dry and cold air outside. Luckily the cold weather is now mostly gone and so is the coughing and suffering. However, the cough made me sleep very poorly for too many nights which in turn has made me somewhat exhausted and cranky.  I’m only now, today, starting to feel like my normal jolly old self again so if I have offended anyone due to my cranky mood I do apologize most sincerely.

Wasn’t going to make any blog update today, or yesterday, but here I am. Got nothing else to do except going to sleep which I will soon do, as soon as this is finished. Not that my weekend is bad, it’s just not very exciting.

I’m mostly just watching movies or TV, listening to music and eating. From time to time I also check my Twitter and Tumblr.  That’s about all.  I haven’t even masturbated more than once this whole week but I think that is due to the cold and coughing and that I will be back to my regular schedule soon enough. What is my regular schedule then? I don’t know. I don’t decide such things in advance. However, I’d say my usual schedule would be once every other day at least. Or whenever I’m in the mood.

Business at the office has been as usual this week. I’ve made some progress on some things, and been fairly efficient as far as I know.

The rest of the things I will return to at some other time.


Don’t let it snow no more

Published 12/16/2012 by MoonieZ

I hope that it won’t.  Not for the next few days at least.

Ok, I know I’ve been quiet a long time on this blog. I have been busy getting my internet connection and speed repaired. It’s still not all done but at least good enough to let me type this quick update.

Been a busy time in other ways too ,the last few weeks. Somehow I managed to write some on Twitter now and then but this blog I have neglected.

My stay at the office has been extended for another year, which is good. I like it there enough to want to stay. And I have a project to work on when I’m not busy looking for jobs.

The unemployment rate is rising in Sweden so the future doesn’t look good but I keep trying and trying some more.

The neverending snowing is not helping to keep my mood in a good way but at least all the shoveling keeps me busy and it probably “builds character” too. Not that I know in what way.

Be that as it may. The weather can’t be reasoned with, it will just keep on going. No matter what.

In order to survive I read, listen to music and watch some movies or TV shows. And I do some writing. Still have that long text I promised to publish waiting to be finished.

Don’t worry, it will be. Maybe not before the end of the year but it will be published here.

What else? Well, without my friends to talk to from time to time I would not survive.


Working on it

Published 11/15/2012 by MoonieZ

Still working on the major update I have already advertised both here and on Twitter.

The text will be long and I’m thinking about cutting it up into more than one post in order to make it easier to read and perhaps also easier to understand.

The subject I’m trying to deal with is very personal to me so it takes time to find the right words. There are also a lot of memories involved and it takes time to sort them out.

I only want to assure my readers I’m still going to publish the text once I have finished it. I’m sorry to keep you all waiting.


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