Thinking about things

Published 01/27/2013 by MoonieZ

This week I have had some ideas for things to write but I haven’t taken the time to write any of them. I have a good excuse: I have had a cold. In fact , I still have a bit of a could. For some days and nights I have been bothered by a most irritating cough and also suffered from the very dry and cold air outside. Luckily the cold weather is now mostly gone and so is the coughing and suffering. However, the cough made me sleep very poorly for too many nights which in turn has made me somewhat exhausted and cranky.  I’m only now, today, starting to feel like my normal jolly old self again so if I have offended anyone due to my cranky mood I do apologize most sincerely.

Wasn’t going to make any blog update today, or yesterday, but here I am. Got nothing else to do except going to sleep which I will soon do, as soon as this is finished. Not that my weekend is bad, it’s just not very exciting.

I’m mostly just watching movies or TV, listening to music and eating. From time to time I also check my Twitter and Tumblr.  That’s about all.  I haven’t even masturbated more than once this whole week but I think that is due to the cold and coughing and that I will be back to my regular schedule soon enough. What is my regular schedule then? I don’t know. I don’t decide such things in advance. However, I’d say my usual schedule would be once every other day at least. Or whenever I’m in the mood.

Business at the office has been as usual this week. I’ve made some progress on some things, and been fairly efficient as far as I know.

The rest of the things I will return to at some other time.



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