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Last Wednesday of May

Published 05/30/2012 by MoonieZ

Here I go again on my own

Had not planned to write today. Had other plans. However, sometimes I feel the need to vent a little. Outside of any schedules. Since I don’t have a schedule for this blog everything happens at random anyway.

So last night I had trouble sleeping. Rather I fell asleep but woke up shortly after only to fall asleep again. This happened a few times and then at around 6 am, I could no longer fall asleep again. I wanted to but I couldn’t. Tossed and turned for about one more hour, then got up.

Decided to make it a work at home day since I knew I would be tired all day anyway from lack of proper sleep. Started doing some office related stuff and some other things I should have done ages ago. Then took a break to do some laundry and go say Hi in a chat room.

After all that I returned to writing and suddenly had an urge to write this, just because I feel like writing about this day. The last Wednesday of May 2012. Another day that will never return. Another day lived through. One more day behind the cart, one less in front of it.

Late last night I watched a Dennis Miller HBO Special from the early 1990’s that I happened to stumble upon. I found it rather funny even though some references were a bit difficult to grasp for me as a foreigner and as such unfamiliar with some aspects of US society and culture.

Yesterday I was also reminded of my last po’ boy in New Orleans. It was in 1995 and I remember it being a tasty roast beef one from some place with a lot of locals in it. Wonder when I’ll ever have another one.

Read about a new book  in which the author claims that love is not about feelings at all, instead it is an act of will. I do not agree. To me love is about giving, a feeling of wanting to give without asking for or expecting anything in return. However, I could be wrong but that’s how I see it.

The weather is not as great as last week but still ok. Cloudy, a bit windy, kind of cold and some rain on the way. Rather normal for a Swedish summer.


More movies watched

Published 08/21/2011 by MoonieZ

Bad Lieutenant Port of Call:New Orleans

This was one strange movie. I thought it was a remake of Bad Lieutenant, the Abel Ferrara movie starring Harvey Keitel but after watching it I’m not sure. Anyway Nicolas Cage portrays a rather corrupt cop in New Orleans and the movie is directed by none other than Werner Herzog. Why a genius like Herzog would take on a project like this I don’t know. The result is a rather average thriller/crime movie. Or perhaps it’s a drama. I’m not sure.

Watching the cop fall apart through gambling, drug abuse and outbursts of anger was kind of entertaining due to Cage being rather good at this type of role. Also it was interesting to see some scenes from the streets of New Orleans. However I soon lost interest in the plot if there is one and the movie just rolled by towards the end.

Terminator Salvation 

After James Cameron stopped being involved in the Terminator franchise the whole story has taken a turn towards the ridiculous. This fourth movie was no exception even if it is a bit better than what I expected. Not that it’s not well made and all but it still doesn’t give me the feeling I used to have when watching the first two movies. Especially the first one. Ok, I was a lot younger when I first saw The Terminator but even today when I watch it again, it blows my mind.

I doubt I’ll be watching Terminator Salvation again though.

I Spit On Your Grave (remake)

The original version from the 1970’s managed to scare and disgust me when I first watched it on DVD some years ago. This remake version does not pack the same punch at all. Still it’s gory and the guys get what they deserve in the end but it leaves me with a feeling of why did I watch this?

The whole thing is too polished. The main character seems not to be very affected by what happens to her.Or perhaps it’s only me not getting it.

Could be. I still think the original is the better movie.

Paul Blart:Mall Cop

I liked this one. Probably because I’m a sucker for a movie where the main character turns out to be something other and better than the loser he seems to be at the start. Perhaps I identify with characters like that. Perhaps I wish I’d turn out to be the hero who saves the day and gets the girl at the end. In my dreams I do. Only in my dreams.

However this movie tells the story of a rather fat man who wants to be a police officer but at the start of the movie he is working as a security guard at a shopping mall. An unarmed security guard. He rolls around on a Segway and performs his duty but wishes to be more important and less rídiculed. Meets a nice girl working at the mall and at first manages to mess it all up.

Then the story turns into less of a comedy when some gang of robbers show up to steal the money from all the stores at closing time on Black Friday. The fat security guard is the only man standing in the way of the robbers reaching their goal.  Of course there’s a happy ending.

I enjoyed the movie without it being anything special. I’ve seen this kind of story many times in different settings but I still find it worth watching. As I said, I’m a sucker for movies about losers becoming heroes and finally making their dreams real. I guess I always keep hoping it will happen to me too. Keep dreaming…

The Expendables

A Sly Stallone  (director, writer and star) vehicle about a gang of guns for hire who are recruited to save a small South American island nation from some ex-CIA thugs and a dictator.

Looks and feels like all the 1980’s action movies Stallone used to star in. Lots of other – younger – action stars play parts in this movie and some older heroes make small appearances.

Shallow and full of oneliners instead of any real dialogue, the movie moves fast and serves up a lot of action scenes. However the action tends to be a bit monotonous and in the end I don’t really care what happens, who wins, who lives or how high the body count goes.

Is it entertaining? Mostly. If you suspend your brain for the duration of the movie. Enough said.

100 facts about me

Published 03/22/2011 by MoonieZ

This is for all those of you who do not follow my Twitter timeline.

1. I’m from Sweden.

2. I’m allergic to cats and dogs.

3. My favorite drink: water. (Not rusty tap water though)

4. Natural blonde and blue-eyed.

5. I have a strong fear of heights.

6. Gone with the wind is one of my all time favorite novels and movies.

7. Some years ago I used to dream of one day being able to live in New Orleans.

8. My favorite music is rock’n’roll. Simple and straight forward with a steady beat.

9. I was bullied at school for being too shy, too intelligent and too “fat” (except I wasn’t really fat then).

10. I love flying and airplanes thanks to my dad being an Air Force pilot and later ATC.

11. When the going gets tough I tend to run and hide.

12. I’ve been in one fist fight in my life, and thanks to me being a coward no one got hurt in it.

13. Favorite food is usually Italian or Swedish; pasta or seafood, but I like almost everything there is to eat.

14. I’m usually quiet around people I don’t know very well.

15. Summer is my favorite time of the year. Always too short though.

16. I find it hard to list facts about me.

17. My favorite sport used to be cross country skiing. Now I only watch it on TV.

18. When I grew up I wanted to become a lawyer or a scholar. I became a grocery store cashier.

19. One day I’m going to write a novel.

20. I used to be a huge fan of Star Wars before the Special Editions and the new trilogy came along.

21. Suddenly I’ve started to drink coffee once a day.

22. Maybe I should have become a comedian. In order to be one, I’d have to be funny though.

23: I like to write.

24. Not much of a morning person…

25. Never lucky enough…lol

26. Honesty is important to me. If you can’t be honest, don’t bother.

27. I care a lot about people.

28. I trust people. Sometimes too much too soon but I prefer that to the alternative.

29. I like rabbits. (To avoid confusion, I am refering to the animal)

30. Perfectionist is what I am. Though I know nobody is perfect.

31. My fave color is black. Boring but still a fact.

32. Positive thinking about others. Too often negative thoughts about myself. Working to change my thinking about myself.

33. One day I want to find myself walking in Memphis.

34. I want to visit Australia.
35. I usually sleep 6 to 8 hours every night.
36. My heart has been broken a few times but its not afraid of getting broken again.
37. A long time ago I wished I could be a hobbit.
38. Learned to ride a two-wheel bike when I was 5 years old.
39. Learned to read when I was 6 years old.
40. Learned to drive a car when I was 42 years old.’
41. I learned to swim when I was 15 years old.
42. Not a joiner of tribes – prefer to walk my own path.
To be continued…

Sunday confession

Published 02/13/2011 by MoonieZ

My apologies, dear readers.

You have not found this blog to be at its usual standard lately. I know that you expect a lot more from me. However, I’ve had so much to do and not enough sleep that I haven’t had enough time to write posts in order to meet my resolution to post at least once every day.  I am only just able to make it now. It’s a lot harder than I thought to do it. Even if  I am not depending on inspiration to write its hard to come up with a text sometimes.

Often enough it turns out like this one. I’ve used a lot of words as you have probably noticed, but have I really said anything at all ?  Thought so.  This means I have to work harder at it. Otherwise I might not keep my readers interested at all.  Without readers, what would I be? Navel lint.

Early on a Sunday morning like this, its quiet and calm in the home and outside as well. A silent darkness and a faint glow from the snow outside.  A good time to do some writing, so that’s what I’m doing.  Only source of light in the room is the computer screen. Listening to Robbie Robertson singing Night Parade while I’m writing.  That song is 20 years old now. At least. How fast time goes by.

I remember bringing it with me on a tape when I went to New Orleans in January 1992. Was a very cold week I spent there. The hotel room was freezing cold most of the time. The TV hardly worked at all and across the street there was a housing project. Om the sidewalks there were often  groups of teens walking by. Some I could see were armed with pistols. I was often scared to walk to and from my hotel to the center of the French Quarter. Always feared to be robbed or worse but I was lucky. Nothing happened. However it was an odd sight to see snow in the streets some mornings. Even if it melted away very quickly.  Ok, I’m digressing but sometimes the memories just come back in force.

Today I have not got a lot planned. My mother is still no well so I have to take care of her. Also have some chores to do if I find the energy to start. Otherwise I guess I will be in some chatroom, looking at videos on YouTube and tweeting a bit. Maybe write another post.

Edit: Seems I won’t be in some chatroom. At least not today.  So I guess I will be doing something else.

“Back to Bayou Teche”

Published 01/23/2011 by MoonieZ

Sonny LandrethBack to Bayou Teche (live)

Been a fan of Sonny Landreth since the first time I heard him playing on a record by Cajun band Beausoleil back in the late 1980’s. Then I bought some of his solo albums and also had the good fortune to catch him live in concert in 1992 or 1993 when he opened for Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes at a small club venue in Stockholm.

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