Back to business

Published 09/03/2012 by MoonieZ


Ok, I didn’t die. I just had a few days of really bad pain. However it goes away eventually and I’m back to my normal self again.

Only downside to this experience, was that I could not fully enjoy my brother the chef’s brief visit to my town this weekend.

I was not in my best mood and it was hard for me to help out because I was weak from having been in pain and felt ill for more than two days.

Still, I got to enjoy his cooking yesterday, when he cooked most of the dinner we had together with my oldest brother and his wife and our  mother.

Mom made an apple pie from homegrown apples that was a simply delicious end to a very fine meal.

Our uncle and one of my cousins also visited briefly on Sunday to say hello to my brother and have the book about the life and times of Kal P Dal signed by my brother for a friend of theirs who is a big fan.

Sunday was a busy day, even if it was mostly also a very nice day.

Saturday was the day my brother arrived, as I have already reported in my previous post. It wasn’t a great day. I was rather cranky from the pain and didn’t have enough energy to be a good host. Mostly I wanted to rest and relax but  as I had guests I could not rest as much as I needed.

There were  some stress and arguments as a result of this but luckily the day passed rather quickly and ended in a good way.

On Friday the weather was really bad and I mostly rested and had a lot of pain from early morning to late at night. I was ready to go see the doctor but in the end I didn’t see myself sitting in an emergency room all of Friday afternoon waiting to be examined and then sent home with some pills or something. As that is what always happened before when I’ve seen a doctor about something.

After having these pains come and go for some time now, I’ve learned that they go away and that they don’t get worse even if the level of pain sometimes is very hard to handle. I would be more worried if the pain kept growing stronger and/or never ended.

The strange thing is that I’ve become so used to being in pain during parts of my day that I’m almost surprised when I don’t feel it. Almost to the point that I ask myself what’s wrong, I can’t feel any pain right now?

It all started on Thursday when I was helping my mother with her visit to the doctor in preparation for her eye surgery. That afternoon and night were really bad in terms of pain.

But enough about this now. This post was supposed to be about my weekend and not about pain and suffering.

What more is there to report? Well I saw some friends online this weekend and it was all good because it helped me find my good mood and made me feel a lot better about everything. The same goes for my friends on Twitter.

I would probably survive without the online world but my life would be a lot more dull.




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