The Boss is in town again

Published 06/05/2009 by MoonieZ

And this made me think. Stockholm has been cold, windy and wet the last few days. Not like summer at all. No summer clothes. No sun. No warmth. But at least the Boss is here, and it seems this time might be the last time for a while, maybe the last time ever.

I would not be surprised if the E Street Band will look different if it ever goes on the road again. I am pretty sure there are able replacements to find for all the positions, but will it be the E Street Band I know and love without the core of Clemons, Tallent, Weinberg and Bittan ? I dare say no, it won’t be the same.

The sound has already changed after Federici passed away last year.  Now I know some count Miami Steve among the essential E Streeters on the stage, but I do  not. For the simple reason he hasn’t been in the band as long as some of the others. Springsteen has done well both with and without Steve in the live band.  I am not sure he’d manage doing without all of the current members.

Oh he did try another backing band for a few years and a few records but it wasn’t really a hit in my book. And even then he brought Roy Bittan along on keyboards.

So maybe everyone could be replaced except Roy Bittan ? I doubt it. I still think that without the foundation of Weinberg (drums)/Tallent (bass) and Bittan (keyboards) the band will not sound the way it should.

As far as I know Garry Tallent is the one member to have been in the band from the very start in the early 1970’s. I would have a hard time listening to the E Street Band with a different bass player.  All the same I must say that Max Weinberg‘s young son Jay is doing a great job filling in for his absent father behind the drums on parts of this tour. However the sound is of course different and not as solid as it usually is when Max Weinberg  is playing.

[Edit 2016: Funny when some reader manages to dig up a post I have all but forgotten I ever wrote. Of course I still stand by my opinions above, but I can’t see how I could forget to even mention the great guitarist and band member Nils Lofgren. That’s the one thing I regret.]


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