Sunday serenade

Published 08/05/2012 by MoonieZ

Right. Wrong.

Anyway. No way.

Ok, it seems yesterday I wrote a kind of confused and depressed update for this blog. Not as confused and depressed as the earlier stuff this week but close enough. I know I promised some changes a while ago. That I would only be doing happy and superficial updates from now on. Well, I’m not quite there yet so you shallow people who yearn for this will have to wait a while longer. I’m sorry but it’s the laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw of the land.

I woke up around 4am this morning. Wasn’t really all awake but it was too hot to sleep at that point, so what did I do? I checked some twitter timelines and sent a tweet. Then I kind of started to drift off to sleep again and next time I woke up at around 6am, I remembered having dreamed of chasing someones naked butt down along a sandy beach and finally falling on my face in the sand from exhaustion before waking up feeling like I had sand in my eyes.

Just because my dreams are weird doesn’t mean they didn’t happen. OK? Most of the time I don’t even remember them anyway.

Reading the Sunday edition of the morning paper after getting up made me choke on my ice tea (not that I was having any,  I just had to mention it for the effect).

An article pointed out that this nation’s fastest growing people’s movement is  – sex. The article claimed that sex talk is now such a common practice that it is not even controversial anymore. All kinds of everyday people want to educate themselves, discuss and try out sexual practices and buy sex toys.

I suddenly felt like a prude, because I have not once noticed this new movement. All I have noticed is the always increasing commercial use of sex in and shape or form to sell almost any kind of product or service, but this people’s movement of exploration and learning has passed me by.

Granted, I don’t socialize enough but I still think I should have heard or seen something. Anyway, after reading the article I had that old feeling of missing out. I often have this feeling. About a lot of things.

Then I thought I’d just go masturbate and be done with it.

I still haven’t though.  I’m at my computer. Writing. Just before I started typing this, I was in a chatroom but not typing, just looking and listening. Saw someone I don’t see a lot these days but used to see a few years ago. Only for a short time and just because I happened to be on the site this morning.

Before doing the above, I checked the latest headlines of the online newspaper site I most often visit. Just to check up on what’s going on in the country and in the world.

Then I also looked at my Twitter timeline again and wrote one tweet –  a morning greeting to my followers.

What I’ll be doing for the rest of my Sunday, I do not know yet. Probably, I will watch some broadcasts from the Olympic Games on TV and perhaps I’ll also watch a movie.

Most likely I will listen to music, maybe read or do some more writing. I think it will be a relaxing day though.

Right now, I’ll be busy doing some non-controversial wanking though.

Over and out.


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