Bad luck

Published 07/18/2012 by MoonieZ

Last week ended with some bad luck when my internet connection dropped out for most of the weekend. Yesterday evening it was back up and running at last.

But last night (or early this morning in my part of the world) I missed seeing a friend online which makes me kind of sad. I didn’t think I wouldn’t wake up in time, but I was obviously sleeping better than I thought I was. Didn’t hear my alarm clock or anything.

Anyway, I know it was “just” a chat I missed but I kind of don’t miss out on these things very often for any reason at all so it bothers me that I did this time. Also, it would have been nice to be there due to everything else being kind of bad at the moment.

My mother has more health problems. Both hearing aid  and new glasses will be needed, judging from the latest checkups by doctors.

The job search has not resulted in any interest or interviews from employers. My blog project at the office is moving forward very slowly. I seem to have lost direction and momentum lately.  My financial situation continues to be rather bad but I’ve learned to live with it.

The summer weather is mostly rain but now and then there are sunny days or parts of days.

I miss driving, but the car my uncle lent me can’t be repaired so it looks like I won’t be driving again for a long time. For  a time it looked like the car could be fixed but then the guy who was repairing it found out there are too many damaged parts of the engine to make it worthwhile to repair it since it’s an old car.

So, mostly life is not great.

Only one way to go though: forward.


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