Monday is back

Published 10/24/2011 by MoonieZ

Yes. Another Monday has got me in its sights. Won’t back down until it’s all done. And said. Perhaps. Who knows what this Monday will bring? So far its brought me only boredom. Loneliness and some depression. However, I’m not giving up or giving in to those feelings without a fight. My horoscope for today told me I’d be up for a major setback so I’m trying to figure out what it could possibly be. I can imagine a few major setbacks that could still occur, even if my life is already as set back as a life could possibly be. Or so I thought.

Time will tell. The new Tintin movie will open this coming Friday. I can’t wait…Well, actually I can. I’m not so thrilled about the most European of European comic book heroes being turned into a movie star by Steven Spielberg &  Peter Jackson. Not that I don’t think they have made a good movie, I know they have, but still I wonder if Tintin’s adventures will really work on the silver screen.  Also I’m a bit skeptic towards all the hype around this movie.  Eventually I will probably watch it though.

If I can persuade myself to go to a cinema. Last time I went I almost turned back due to the stench of popcorn and other kinds of snacks and candy and soda pop that seemed to attack my nostrils as soon as I entered the lobby of the multiplex at the local shopping mall. The other thing that confused me was that the lines for tickets were the same as the ones for buying snacks, candy and sodas. Took me a while to figure out. The clerk seemed almost confused when I only wanted a ticket. However the theater was nice and the seat was comfy enough. The movie was ok and the 3D was a nice bonus. However my eyes got tired after about half the movie.

Even if movies are better at the cinema I prefer to watch them at home. Not so many distractions.

I’m digressing. This was supposed to be about this Monday but since nothing is happening I have to find something else to write about.  Or not.



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