Among the living

Published 02/13/2012 by MoonieZ


This be me, your blogger.  Me is back to haunt your eyes with random typed text and in worst case struggle your mind to dwell on the meaning of said scribble.

Weekend it was recently. Noticed I did. Fast it passed. Do what, I did? Froze my unused balls off along with my heavy ass. So, now I broke the mold – that kind of language uncalled for. Me should be ashamed of me, but me is not.

Why me froze? Car broke down.

Had to spend many hours outdoors in cold weather. Try to jump start the car. No luck. Try to tow it. Only a short distance. In the end nothing else to do but have tow truck come and pick the car up and take it to a garage. Most of my Saturday spent waiting for said tow truck to arrive at location of car. Very cold for poor old me. Glad when it was over and done.

Sunday spent recovering.

Now it’s Monday. Your blogger is trying to be productive. Not much of such though.



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