This is it

Published 08/28/2012 by MoonieZ

Yes it’s that time again.

What time? Time to update this blog thingy.

So, the news today: I jerked off before getting ready to go. It was a somewhere around average jerk off session ending in a decently satisfying orgasm and ejaculation. Nothing to write home about though. I only had ten minutes to waste on it so it had to be rather quick. However, most of the time I don’t even have ten minutes to spare so maybe I should upgrade this one to slightly better than average.

TMI. Sorry. But this is a part of how I started my day and I do believe you all want me to be honest and not make up a story just to please you? Or do you? Or don’t you? Now I’m confused enough, so let’s continue and see where this rambling will lead us…or me.

Been leaving a rather average weekend behind me, filled with mostly rain, chores and resting. Only good thing done was that I got around to mowing the lawn. Perhaps for the last time this summer, maybe for the year.

The end of the summer is here. This morning I woke up to a glorious temperature of 8 degrees Celsius. A cold clear morning. The air felt fresh but still I felt a bit sad that summer is ending even before the end of August.

Yesterday it was official that the cat I had tried to help last week  had passed away. I knew this cat only from the internet but still I felt sad because I was thinking of how sad it must be for the cat’s owner. I was also reminded of  how sad I was when my pet rabbit passed away, even though that happened many years ago.

On the “work” front there’s not much to report. Keep sending applications out and keep trying to work on the blog project. Some days I do  a lot of writing and editing and on other days I read a lot of stuff to find ideas for things to write. Some days I do nothing. Some days I feel like giving up. Everything. Yet, somehow, I keep going.

With that, I turn to other news.

What news?

My brother will be visiting this coming weekend. Will be nice to see him as it has been a long time.


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