Finding Friday frequently

Published 09/07/2012 by MoonieZ

Oh yes, I dreamed up that headline all by myself. I did. Honestly. So help me…

Anyway, life’s too short to dwell on such matters.

My week has gone by rather fast. What I’ve done exactly, I can’t really remember, but I know I’ve been typing a lot. Have had a lot of writing to do. Not the kind of writing I enjoy the most but writing I have to do, or else I’m in trouble.

Since I always want to avoid all kinds of trouble I do the boring work and pretend I’m not finding it very boring at all.

Also I worked on an idea for a long time and had a very hard time putting it into words. Not overly happy with the result I did submit it anyway because I couldn’t find any better way to express it or anything else.

For some reason some things don’t come easy to me. I always think I can write down anything that comes to mind, but sometimes I just can’t get the words right no matter how much I try, or think about it. Just won’t happen.

I also think I have a fair amount of imagination. However, in certain areas, my imagination is not that great. I can’t really imagine some things in such a way that it can be explained in words. I would probably have to write a novel or make a movie or some kind of artwork in order to get it out of my brain. Or not.

Anyway, I guess I should stick to what I can do. Whatever that is.

Managed to clean up most of the clutter in my home office. Remains to be seen for how long before the mess is back in force.

Next week is my birthday, among other exciting events. No, I will not tell you how old I’ll be because you can figure it out anyway.

I will not have any big party, as I’m a poor guy and never have had a lot friends. As usual I expect family and some relatives to show up, but nothing special.

Some food, some drinks and a good time.

This weekend I don’t have any big plans. Some chores to do probably and the rest of the time I hope to rest, relax and enjoy a few  days off from the office.

When I started writing this post, I had some idea I’d turn it into some kind of funny text but I can see I failed at that. Probably because I have been listening to November Rain by Guns N’ Roses while typing.

So, this is the end.


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