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A problem or not?

Published 08/24/2014 by MoonieZ

Too many selfies.  

Too many cat/dog pics in your feed.

Don’t post photos of your food.

Don’t tell us what you listen to.

Don’t reblog/re-tweet too often.

Do this, don’t do that.

Don’t be negative, don’t tell it like it is cause no one wants to hear it. Sugar coat it. 

Keep your feelings/thoughts  to yourself unless you are always happy and love the world around you.

No drama, ever.

Don’t tell the world you still live with your parents….if you’re above 18 years old.

What happened to live and let live? Allow everyone to be who they are or want to be, since I’m sure you’d like to have that right for yourself? Sometimes all this policing of how to be or not to be in the social media channels make me want to stop using any of them at all.

How about tolerance as a guide?

How about to simply unfollow the things you don’t like to see and/or read and let it be? Or block that account and be done.  Or in the very serious cases of suspected illegal, offensive stuff, report it, then block or unfollow.

Why keep posting about how others ought to change their ways of using social media in order to suit your taste?

I know, I’m doing the same thing now that I don’t like to see  others doing but I swear I won’t mention this topic again after this post (at least not for a while). Besides, nobody reads blogs anymore. Yesterday’s news.

Yes, I know I shouldn’t let any of this bother me, but I’m not perfect – I’m human.

Today I woke up in a slightly off mood.  Deal with it. Or not.  The choice is yours. Just don’t tell me I shouldn’t post it on my blog  because you think it’s not to your liking.


I may be wrong

Published 11/03/2012 by MoonieZ

About a lot of things. Perhaps I’m wrong about everything. Still, I admit it. I don’t pretend to always know or to always be right. And I sure as hell do not try to speak for anyone else. I speak for me, and me only. You may love it or hate it or whatever but I will keep speaking for me and I will not hide what I think and feel.  Least of all on my own blog.

The other day I happened to read a post I wrote long ago and again I had trouble believing it was my own writing. Did I really write that? That can’t be true. I’m not that good. My first reaction to everything good I’ve ever written is always the same: it can’t be me who wrote that.

Where does this reaction come from? I’ll tell you. It comes from the feeling of never being good enough, from the assurance that failure is always the first option and the idea that nothing I do will ever be great.

However, when I realize that I actually have produced a few things of lasting value, I always tell myself I’m not as bad as I think and not so much a loser as I feel.

The next time I write something I have forgotten all about it though. And I’m back where I started,  a nobody without any talent at all.

But hey, at least I’m honest about it.

Anyway, this update wasn’t going to be about me, it was supposed to be a reaction to something I was reading just now, but after thinking about it again, I have decided to not bother. Everyone has the right to voice opinions but, I don’t see the need to voice my opinion on what this other person has written. Even though I disagree with most of it.

Monday is here again

Published 12/27/2010 by MoonieZ

So this is Monday…and what have I learned…? Just about nothing at all. However Christmas is over. Went out to shop some groceries yesterday. Not much traffic and not too cold. Found some bargains on Christmas candy so of course I had to buy more than I had planned. But it’s only Christmas once a year.  Probably good. More Christmas would kill the planet eventually. People get up at 6 am Christmas Day to go shopping for electronic devices on sale… I think something is going seriously wrong when shopping has taken the place of almost everything. Religion doesn’t matter (not that it matters to me but for a lot of other people around the world it still seems to matter a bit). Politics doesn’t matter much (as long as you have your income and are able to shop and entertain yourself). Family doesn’t matter (unless you all go shopping together?). Only shopping matters. Or so it seems. Maybe I’m simply overreacting after having had three straight days of rest and too much food and drink but it seems every year around this time these thoughts enter my brain. I’m sorry if I am repeating myself. So I will change the topic of this post. Just don’t have any idea what to write right now  so I’ll be back later.

Christmas stories

Published 12/06/2010 by MoonieZ

Late last night right before falling asleep I had this idea I would write a post about the Christmases of my past. Basically some memories of the way Christmas used to be when I still was naive enough to believe in it. However, thinking about it made me feel both sad and angry , as those times are gone forever and I should let them be gone. What would the use be to revive some ghosts of the past just to amuse my readers ?  So, after thinking some more I’ve decided to let this idea sit for a while. When I have made my mind up  about doing it I will start posting about it. Might not be until next Christmas though.

Christmas !

Published 12/24/2008 by MoonieZ

Yeah, I know, it is getting old. This Christmas thing. It starts in early August and then it runs into next year and while it runs the speed picks up until all the world is spinning out of control.

How is your Christmas ? My Christmas is good. Not great, not bad, nothing special but good, plain and simple.
Dinner, all the Christmas food, with close family and a feeling of time standing still just for a few hours. That is Christmas for me.
Presents? No I don’t do that anymore. It is not the thing I need most. I value being with my family and friends above any thing money can buy.  However when I was a kid it was different. And Christmas is most of all for children, but I notice many otherwise grow up people become like kids at Christmas. Not only in a good way, but mostly.

Christmas tree? No, not really. We stopped doing that after my father passed away. Don’t ask why, that’s just the way it is.

Snow? Not around here, but I would have liked to have some just to cover the ground and make the days bright and the nights less dark.

Music? You bet. Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby (of course!), Phil Spector‘s fantastic Christmas album (featuring Darlene Love), and – of course – some Springsteen to top it all off.

That just about  covers my Christmas…so I’ll be off.

Happy Holidays !

Merry Christmas !

God jul !

The night before Christmas

Published 12/23/2008 by MoonieZ

and not a creature – or critter more likely – was awake. Oh no, that is not the way it was. Every creature great and small was wide awake. Playing guitar hero, storming the castle or trying to catch the last bus home from the mall after hunting down the last known Christmas present on the planet. Oh and let’s not forget the food. The lines at the supermarket checkout. My god! Or not. God has very little to do with most creatures celebration of Christmas. And I don’t mind that, because I am all for the freedom of religion, but also the freedom from religion. So what governs most creatures is the god of commerce, and it is all fair since most of us creatures live in a market economy and that’s just the way it is. For now. I am not a believer in status quo, I think the conditions will always change and with them the way society works and how we all look upon it. Not a mouthpiece for socialism or – eeek – communism I still hope for a change when it comes to the economic system which rules most – if not – all of the world. How it should or would change and into what is another matter. I have no answer to that. Just wanted to share this because every time around Christmas I have these thoughts. When I note how much money is spent on food and presents and how much could be done with that cash elsewhere, where the need is greater. However I am not trying to make anyone feel guilty I am just sharing my thoughts. I am sure I am not alone thinking about these matters around this time of the year.

Happy Holidays !

Merry Christmas !

God jul !


Published 12/21/2008 by MoonieZ

I could use a lot of fancy words to describe my experience tonight, or rather early Sunday morning, but I don’t see any words able to express exactly what I want to say. So I will be brief. Seeing some nice people tonight made me feel all warm and fuzzy and brought a smile to my face. For that I just wish to say Thank  You (you know who you are – and if you don’t know who you are, I am sorry I can’t help you).

Ok, next time I might even dare to say that directly. So now I could start beating myself up for not doing it, but what good would that do. Better for me if I keep making some progress in my own time. After all I  like to be a part of the community so I just have to make the effort of communicating. I guess that was just a light slap…. It will do for tonight. Got get some sleep and hope tomorrow will be nice too. I mean today, or maybe it is tomorrow today. Anyway it is Sunday and soon Christmas is here and I feel so good. Thanks to the world for me being allowed to be in it.

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