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Moved in at new home

Published 02/16/2017 by MoonieZ

Hello, readers!

I’m writing this from the kitchen at my new place to dwell. A small flat at the top of a building in a small town to the north from where I used to live.

The past weeks have been so busy. I’m still stressed out from all of it. But, now I’m here and starting to settle in. Got lots of unpacking to do, even if I didn’t bring much with me, but it seems I should have brought even less stuff.

Yesterday I was out for a long walk around the center of town and it struck me how quiet it is here. I’m not used to it yet but I like it already.

Best of all is that almost everything is within easy walking distance. No need to always catch a bus to go somewhere, unless it’s really far away.

A little more snow still on the ground here but the weather has been very nice these last few days. Very sunny and mild.

That’s all for now.



Published 12/02/2016 by MoonieZ

I’ll be moving in the coming months. Not yet sure to where or exactly when but it will happen. First time in 43 years I move to a new home  so I’m a bit rusty on the whole thing. Not sure how I feel about it all or how it will be to forever leave the house built by my parents, but I guess I will know for sure when the day arrives.

Until then I have a lot to do to get where I’m going. I just hope I will have the energy I need to get it all done.

So, I might not be able to update this blog a lot in the coming weeks but I’ll be back, just like the Terminator.

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