Published 06/22/2016 by MoonieZ

I know that too well. To worry, that is. I worry about all things big and small. Sometimes so much that it makes me sick, ill, anxious, depressed, unable to sleep or do anything. Why I worry so much: part of it is the Asperger syndrome. My brain is wired to worry and to make me anxious about sudden unexpected changes. Also, about things I can’t plan ahead of time, aka the unknown. People make me worry too. Or, I make myself worry about people, what they say, what they do, why they say what they say, why they do what they do and also why they don’t say things or don’t do things. Mostly, I worry about what I say and do or not, and how it is understood as well as I worry about trying to understand other people – their words and actions. Not to mention worrying about having turned off or on a light, closed and/or locked a door…the list of worries is endless.

However, I also understand that worrying is a waste of time and energy better spent on more productive thoughts and actions.

All my life I have tried to worry less or not at all. With limited success. Lately, however, I have had good reason to seriously learn not to worry too much. I’m going to make an  effort to change my thinking so that I will learn to worry less about all the things I can do nothing about. Also worry less about my own doings. It might take some time but now I have a good reason for making the effort. This time, I will not give up.

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