The day I’m not confused

Published 06/06/2016 by MoonieZ

will probably be the day I pack it in for good.

Having difficulty when it comes to understanding what people say and do, and easily miss or misunderstand information spoken or non-spoken is a common trait for the disorder I have. I’m not always aware of not getting everything right, and usually it dawns on me when I think I got it and notice that my response is off in some fashion.

Another difficulty is the anxiety and stress that occurs when sudden, unexpected changes happen. I prefer when my daily routine is predictable and repeated day in and day out. Of course I can handle change but too sudden changes stresses me to the point of feeling sick. For many years I did not know why I had this reaction to sudden changes to my daily schedule but now that I know I can understand why I react the way I do. Now I need to learn to handle it as good as possible.

Once I got diagnosed I thought my troubles were over. Silly me. The problems are still there of course, and life is the same as before. Only difference is that I now can get help and support from various resources to help me cope with the problems caused by the disorder. Also I find it easier to forgive myself for things that go wrong now that I know why I have certain problems. I no longer have to feel stupid for not being able to do things the way “normal” people do.

Still, if I had a choice, I would not want the disorder. But, since I’m born with it, I’ve never had a choice. All I really know is how it is to live with it, not without it.

Anyway, topic was confusion, but I got lost in the details so I’m still confused.


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