Published 04/12/2016 by MoonieZ

Hi, readers!

Not long ago, I suffered from a depression. Last year, most of  it, anyway, was depression and a struggle to get out of it. Medication helped at first, then a lot of rest, fresh air, sun and exercise. Around September I was starting to feel like my regular self.

When my mother passed away, in October, I was sad but didn’t feel depressed in the same way as earlier. In fact, I felt better than I expected to feel. But that started to wear off after a few months. In February I noticed that the old lack of motivation and energy had started to return. Also had more trouble sleeping again. In March I felt really depressed at times but I hoped it would not last. Then at the end of March and into the start of this month, I noticed how the lack of motivation increased at the same time as I had more trouble sleeping. I started to worry about going deeper into another depression.

So, today, I went to see a doctor, instead of waiting too long to get some help, like I did the first time. It was good that I did. After talking to the doctor I started to feel less worried about the depression developing further. Now, I have a place to go for support and some treatment that will  probably help me avoid more problems. I had forgotten to send in the proper forms at the time of my ASD diagnosis, but now I will sort it out.


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