Death sucks, but we have to live with it

Published 11/04/2015 by MoonieZ

Dear readers,

My activity around here has been low lately. There are reasons.

One very big reason is that my life changed last month on the 13th, in the afternoon, when my dear mother suffered a major stroke she would eventually not manage recover from. Little did I know about the outcome as I was busy helping her get back inside her house and then calling the emergency service. The ambulance arrived very fast and from then on she got the best possible care and treatment at the hospital until the moment on the 22nd when she passed away very calm and at peace. No drama, no pain. Just a very old woman sleeping the eternal sleep. Coming to rest. Leaving us three sons behind to deal with the pain and sorrow of loss.

I find comfort in the fact that she didn’t suffer and that she got to have a long life (91 years) of almost no major medical problems or need of much aid to take care of herself. She was busy with her usual garden work when the stroke hit. I’m only glad I was around to help her so that she didn’t have to be alone when it happened.

Through this I have had a very strong feeling of peace. Not at all like the time 20 years ago when my father passed away. That was worse somehow. Probably because I was still young and that it was my first real close encounter with the death of a parent. I had no idea about anything then. This time I knew what to expect. I knew what it would feel like. Also, my father was ill and in treatment for almost a year before he passed. He had a lot of pain at times and it was a very drawn out end. Probably also a reason why it hit me so hard.

Of course I’m sad and of course I miss my mother but I was ready for her passing in a way because it is a part of life that it eventually ends and I knew that with each year the end was coming a little closer. Sure, I would very much like to still have my mom around but not if it means she would not have a good quality of life or would not be able to do the things she loved. I wouldn’t want that at all. It wouldn’t be fair.

Anyway, this is just a bit of information for my readers so I will not elaborate any further.

Stay safe and take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Things can change so fast.


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