Sad start of the new year

Published 01/11/2015 by MoonieZ

Hardly a week old, the new year has already seen terrible acts of violent terror. Adding to the wars and violent conflicts already raging in the world.

I had some hope for a better tomorrow at the end of last year but now, I’m no longer sure there’s much to hope for.

Humanity seems to be turning towards its worst in many cases and an end to this is not in sight.

However, I still have to remember that most people, the vast majority, is not taking part in any kind of  war, conflict, violence, killing or terror. People in general prefer to live in peace, not matter where and/or who they are.

The answer to hate, terror and violence can’t be more of the same. The answer must be tolerance, democracy, freedom and peace.

As a writer of words and thinker of thoughts, my only answer to attacks against free speech and freedom of the press must be to keep writing and keep thinking. If I stop and fall silent, the terror has won.

To defend the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press does not mean I have to like or agree with everything or anything that is being said or published.  I think this goes without saying, but in these times it seems it needs to be spelled out.



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