August is back

Published 08/02/2014 by MoonieZ

So, readers, I just spent 30 minutes typing something for this blog that will never be published here for you all to read. At the last minute, I had second thoughts. The thing was about a personal matter but I started to worry it might offend some readers so I decided it wasn’t important enough to publish. Instead you get this harmless text.

Sorry. I’m a coward sometimes.

This summer has been a mixed bag. First half of June was pretty bad, weather wasn’t that good but the end of June and most of July has been great. Very warm weather the last few weeks. Very little rain. I have enjoyed some extra days “off” for the first time in years and I have really felt myself recharged for every day “off” I’ve had.  Time to think, to sleep and to get away from some of the stress of being unemployed. Really been good for me. I needed it more than I knew.

Now I’m at the end of it. Next week I’m back at doing five days a week at the office and all is back to the normal grind. At least I have some new energy to find ways to move ahead. Not so long ago I had none of that. I guess all I needed was time away from the daily monotony.

I have been talking to some friends and that also helps my mood.

So the short story is: I feel good or at least a lot better than before.

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers – American Dream Plan B 

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