Nine years running down the road…

Published 06/08/2014 by MoonieZ

Or up the hill. Whatever.

This month, this blog celebrates nine years old. Will it live to be ten? Who knows. Time will tell.

How does a blog celebrate its birthday, by the way? I can’t really picture a cake and a party, balloons and presents and someone singing Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday dear blog, happy birthday to you!

On the other hand I have a limited imagination. My readers know exactly what I’m talking about, or maybe they don’t.

I haven’t asked.

Writing becomes harder, because my keyboard sucks. Old and almost impossible to find the right keys on. Kind of like me. I’m old and can’t find the right keys, ever.

Ok, before I start ranting for another 1,000 words, I might as well stop and be done.


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