At last

Published 05/31/2014 by MoonieZ

I wasn’t sure I’d be writing anything at all this month. More and more, I feel like I have lost all my motivation to write much of anything. In the past I used to write a lot and especially when I wasn’t too happy with life and/or had some problems. Now I feel very unhappy but still don’t want to write. Nothing at all. Almost. So, I’m not sure how long I will continue to work on this blog. Next month I’ve been doing this for nine years. Not sure I will last for another year. Still, I have had a lot of fun doing it. Also learned a lot about myself. And gotten a lot out of me and on to these pages. All of that in the past while I had problems but also some hope of better days to come. I no longer have that hope. I see no future ahead.

Tomorrow is June. Perhaps I’ll be back.


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