New year, same old me

Published 01/08/2014 by MoonieZ


I survived the new years and Christmas. Not that I thought I wouldn’t but even if it was mostly a nice jolly time, it also had some moments of not-so-much-fun. As always when it comes to family gatherings, old unsolved issues seem to have to pop up and ruin the mood from time to time .  Someone always seems to have to remind someone else of something negative that happened in the past and can’t be changed no matter how many times it gets mentioned again.

Anyway, I’m not here to dwell on that or the past year. I have a new year ahead of me and I will work my way forward instead of backwards. The holidays gave me time to sleep more but also to think about where I am and where I should be going next. Also some things dawned on me about some parts of my life and experiences I’ve had.

I have decided to move on in slightly new directions and also learned some new truths about myself. Now is not the time to discuss the details but I will certainly return to this topic when the time is right. My outlook on something has changed, is all I’m ready to say right now. Something I thought was a very important thing has become somewhat less important or rather it is now important in a different way. Maybe it is just a matter of a different perspective.

Life is moving on. Things are back to normal again and I am starting to get back to my usual daily routines.

I feel sort of happy and yet not in a strange kind of way.


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