Published 12/18/2013 by MoonieZ

Spent today cleaning up in my small home. Trying to get rid of  some clutter and junk so that I can look around without wanting to cringe in disgust. I think I did a decent job. Not all done, but very nearly done.

The good news of the day was announced by my oldest nephew, the music video director, on his Facebook page. He has been nominated for a Swedish Grammis (Grammy) award in the category Best Music Video of the Year. I feel very happy and proud. Of course I hope he will win the award, but even to be nominated is a great achievement.

This is the video that has been nominated:

Näääk feat Nimo – Vi Är Kvar Här

So, with all this success all around me among family and relatives, I must admit I sometimes feel like the black sheep of the lot. Like a slacker, underachiever. Loser.

I know I should not bother listening to those thoughts, but I can’t pretend they aren’t there.

All I can do is to keep on keeping on. One day my luck will turn.


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