November is here again

Published 11/02/2013 by MoonieZ

Yes, I’m alive.

Been feeling rather down and out but I thought I’d drop by and let you all know I haven’t stopped getting up in the morning yet.

So November is here. Weather is still not too cold but days are short and darkness is depressing. I try to get as much daylight as possible but I’m stuck in an office building eight hours a day four days a week so I haven’t got a lot of time to get out. Not that I’m much about getting out anyway. Never have. Not even when I could.

I have recently watched all five seasons of The Wire because I thought it would inspire me to write some reviews or other texts for my project. However, writing has been slow lately. Not that it hasn’t happened before but this time I haven’t even been able to force myself to write. I feel like all my energy has run out. All the drive to express myself. Perhaps it will return.

I’m also part of the editorial staff for the internal newsletter at the office. Next week I’m supposed to deliver some kind of review for the first edition of the newsletter. Problem is I have no idea what to write. No idea at all. Somehow I will have to have something ready. It bothers me.

The rest of my life is mostly spent eating, sleeping and thinking about the old days. Some listening, reading and watching also thrown in here and there. No wonder I have very little to write here.

Enough misery shared.


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