New coat of paint

Published 09/29/2013 by MoonieZ

Hello, it is I. Again.

Been a long time. I’ll tell you why. I had serious thoughts about closing this blog, or at least stop updating it. For a long time I felt I was done with it. Couldn’t think of what more to write. Didn’t want to write, even.

After all, eight years is a long time and the original reasons for doing this blog are  mostly no longer valid. But the real reason for not updating is boredom.

My life lately hasn’t been offering many thrills. I know I should make it happen but I haven’t been up for it.

When I have written something it has mostly been another take on old things already written here. Not much to publish.

Still, I intend to try to start over on this and make one last effort.  If I don’t make it, I’ll still be active elsewhere. Twitter, Tumblr and a bit of Instagram.


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