Published 08/12/2013 by MoonieZ


It might seem this blog is dead and gone. However, I assure you it’s only resting.

Not having the urge to write for a long time makes me rather dull and depressed. Or. perhaps, the lack of writing comes from feeling depressed and dull. Anyway, I try to keep thinking about writing and today I even decided to type some thoughts. More like random words.

So much has happened during the lifetime of this blog. Eight years is a long time. People have come and gone, jobs have come and gone, weight has come and gone and come back again. Not to mention health or money. Friends – well, I’d like to say the friends have come and not gone but that wouldn’t be true. Friends have come and gone but some remain. To be honest I have come and gone from some friends also. Always takes two to tango. And my life is not the only one to change over the years. Sometimes I forget that.  And expect everything and everyone to stay the same. When I know nothing ever will. Not that change is a bad thing. At least not all changes are.

With that I leave. For now. I’ll be back though.


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