Still alive

Published 07/10/2013 by MoonieZ

Hey girls and guys, I’m sorry for the lack of updates here lately. My blog is still very much alive but I haven’t been wanting to write much for a long time now. Not sure about why but I think I have suffered a bit from mild depression and also from other problems that have kept me from my keyboard and my writing.  Many times I have thought about writing here, many times I’ve had the usual old urge to write but it has only been in my mind. Somehow I haven’t been able to keep the thoughts long enough to put them into writing.

Still, here I am, back at it again. Lord knows why.

No, I don’t.

Oh, sorry, I forgot I’m not one of your believers. Won’t happen again.

Right! Back to business then. Whatever that means. Around here it could mean just about anything or not. That’s what I like about this blog thing. Freedom. The freedom to write whatever enters my mind as I’m writing. Not having to care about what anyone thinks about it. Not having to care about if it makes any sense to anyone (including me). A freedom like that is as good as a freedom can be in my book.

My first thought for this post was to write it under the headline I just wasn’t made for these times, and only include a song by Brian Wilson (of the Beach Boys), but I changed my mind at the last minute. Instead I give you this just to tell you all that I’m still around.


Starting my day by eating American style fried chicken is probably not good for me but it tastes rather delicious.


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